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  1. 111.
    For service reasons it can be desirable to rotate a blade bearing, or portions hereof, to extend the useful life of the bearing. The standard procedure for doing this would be to disassemble the rotor, blade by blade, to get access to the blade bearings. This could take place either on the ground as a complete rotor...
    IPCOM000240351D | 2015-Jan-26
  2. 112.
    Because size of databases become bigger and bigger in On-Line Analytical Processing scope, and most of these data can be reproducible, so performance of original 100% safe backup and restore solution that focus on user data can’t achieve current requirement. New method of backup and restore can distinguish user...
    IPCOM000240350D | 2015-Jan-26
  3. 113.
    The present invention concerns an assay for testing the presence of a fluorophore, a method for testing the precence of a fluorophore and an item comprising a flurophore.
    IPCOM000240349D | 2015-Jan-25
  4. 114.
    Disclosed is a method and system for displaying online and offline contact search information in a keyboard.
    IPCOM000240348D | 2015-Jan-25
  5. 115.
    Disclosed is a Smarter Commerce Mobility Solution that is based on Region Profiles created with both static and dynamic data. The novel solution uses the Region Profile to identify needs and better serve the buyers in specific regions.
    IPCOM000240347D | 2015-Jan-25
  6. 116.
    Increasingly more popular cloud services have frequently many functional parts, which makes their structure rather complex yet its understanding improves network monitoring for security purposes, traffic routing, etc. Since the structure of third-party services is typically unknown, automated tools for its discovery...
    IPCOM000240346D | 2015-Jan-23
  7. 117.
    This invention is a series of modifications to current the existing multi-string cutter tool. The initial demand for the invention stems from customers asking for a method to drill out an aluminum plug then up-ream a section of expandable liner in a single run. Initially the method involved "dry milling" (without...
    IPCOM000240345D | 2015-Jan-23
  8. 118.
    This invention will allow operators to monitor Re-Fracs downhole before, during and after the frac. It utilizes miniature sensors and batteries that are destroyed during the drill out of the frac plugs. Memory modules are embedded in disintegrable material. When this material disintegrates the memory modules are...
    IPCOM000240344D | 2015-Jan-23
  9. 119.
    Disclosed are rack outriggers with braking interlock system.
    IPCOM000240343D | 2015-Jan-23
  10. 120.
    Acrylic acid or other polymerizable liquid monomers are sometimes stored in large quantities, for example, in storage tanks or trailers. Precautions are typically taken to avoid undesirable polymerization during large-scale storage of liquid monomers, and an inhibitor material is sometimes added.
    IPCOM000240342D | 2015-Jan-23