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  1. 141.
    Disclosed is a method to enhance in addition to the colored tabs in browser to help differentiate the hierarchy between different tabs opened in browser. The current browser supports to have different tab groups shown in different colors. However, it does not differentiate within each group the level of hierarchy...
    IPCOM000240315D | 2015-Jan-22
  2. 142.
    The main idea of this disclosure is to provide a document view function to keep a mapping relationship between user/role and content.We just need to maintain a single version, and specify which content is visible to which user/role,each user/role should have a password for identification,document can be exported...
    IPCOM000240314D | 2015-Jan-22
  3. 143.
    A communication System Controller (SC) receives a communication request. Upon receipt of the communication request, the controller identifies a first multi-carrier Base Station (BS) that currently has available bandwidth that can support the request and that is currently supporting a greatest number of active...
    IPCOM000240313D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
  4. 144.
    Improvements have been made to multi-well chromatography apparatus systems for gravitational and pressurized flow and collection of fluids through a porous media. The equipment described successfully abates sealing and leak issues involved with conventional methods of sealing multi-well chromatography or filter-style...
    IPCOM000240312D | 2015-Jan-21
  5. 145.
    Establishing trust between two devices for the enrollment and delivery of certificates to one of the devices can be burdensome in an environment where there are thousands of devices in need of certificates. To automate the certificate enrollment and delivery process in a certificate management infrastructure that...
    IPCOM000240311D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
  6. 146.
    Scannability has always been a challenge and with complex architectures, the challenges increase by imposing several limitations like HOLD closure, yield loss, silicon failures due to HOLD, scan architectures and complex scan-shift methodology. In this paper we propose a dual edge flip-flop architecture designed to...
    IPCOM000240310D | 2015-Jan-21
  7. 147.
    A crystal oscillator design with lower current consumption is proposed. The proposed design is able to use gain of both PMOS and NMOS transistors and also able to work with automatic gain/level controlled circuit without disturbing automatic gain controlled circuit operation/output bias voltage. Since it uses the gain...
    IPCOM000240309D | 2015-Jan-21
  8. 148.
    In Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks synchronization is needed to ensure network quality and availability. Synchronization here refers to the technique applied to ensure that radios in target LTE base station are operating within the performance parameters defined by the appropriate 3rd Generation Partners Project...
    IPCOM000240308D | 2015-Jan-21
  9. 149.
    This article describes a technique to save network bandwidth by optimizing the way email signatures are transmitted over the network. Optimized email signature delivery results into optimal use of network by avoiding transmittal of multiple copies of same email signatures over the period of time.
    IPCOM000240307D | 2015-Jan-21
  10. 150.
    eMail clients are used widely as a communication channel for day to day communication and discussions. Calendar is one of the key functionality for the email applications. Multiple calendar invites are sent everyday to set up meetings. Proposed below is a mechanism to identify duplicate calendar invites that can...
    IPCOM000240306D | 2015-Jan-21