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  1. 11.
    The present invention relates to a device (10) for extracting moisture from a wall (12), the device configured to be positioned in a hole, the device comprising: − a front part which defines two openings (16), the openings being configured to act as an air intake and an air exit, − a chamber which defines an inner...
    IPCOM000240452D | 2015-Jan-30
  2. 12.
    We show how to implement Linear Regression in data base systems in case observation table contains nominal columns. Our method requires only one data scan which is optimal and makes our implementation about 3x faster than the classical one using intermediate numerical table. Our method can be also used to implement...
    IPCOM000240451D | 2015-Jan-30
  3. 13.
    Disclosed is an automated image-processing algorithm that locates discrepancies by comparing a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image to a given reference. It then outputs the statistics.
    IPCOM000240450D | 2015-Jan-30
  4. 14.
    Disclosed is a method which can handle frequent duplicate IP address change events generated via RTNETLINK
    IPCOM000240449D | 2015-Jan-30
  5. 15.
    In a typical retry based bus protcol system, a retry request recieved by an agent is the major contributor in degrading the bus utilization, since the command has to be now reissued. This is especially true in the case of bus agents who are non local to the chip and are dependent on high speed links to propogate...
    IPCOM000240448D | 2015-Jan-30
  6. 16.
    The main idea of the invented architecture for the air distribution system is the separation of the fresh air supply for the pressurized and un-pressurized compartments for normal operational case (both packs in operation).
    IPCOM000240447D | 2015-Jan-30
  7. 17.
    The disclosed idea is regarding the cost-benefit assessment of function-shipping vs. data-shipping in globally distributed systems and the use thereof to optimize system performance and to minimize costs.
    IPCOM000240446D | 2015-Jan-30
  8. 18.
    Disclosed is a method for embedding meta-information about contents of text files as comments into text files themselves in a format easy to be used for any programming language.
    IPCOM000240445D | 2015-Jan-30
  9. 19.
    Disclosed is a method for determining an event and its location using behavior of multiple vehicles. This method is intended to be used in a safety driving support system that communicates the vehicles in real time over a collular network.
    IPCOM000240444D | 2015-Jan-30
  10. 20.
    Linear position sensors (LPS) are one of the most common types of position feedback sensors used in actuators for achieving control, guidance and stabilization in aerospace and other industrial applications. Sudden failure of these vital actuating systems could lead to multiple disadvantages. This paper provides a...
    IPCOM000240443D | 2015-Jan-30