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    In the present invention, a shape memory polymer (SMP) composite is proposed that can be activated by heat over its glass transition temperature (Tg). The proposed SMP is a blend of chemically and thermally stable polymers, namely poly p-phenylene sulfide (PPS) and a substituted, self-reinforcing polyphenylene (SRP)....
    IPCOM000240422D | 2015-Jan-29
  2. 42.
    IPCOM000240421D | 2015-Jan-29
  3. 43.
    Disclosed is a process that achieves selective neutralization of the bottom surface of a hard grapho-epitaxy template. Selective neutralization is achieved by coating a selective neutral brush after template formation, and Directed self-assembly (DSA) is achieved with a neutral last process using a range of different...
    IPCOM000240420D | 2015-Jan-29
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    Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Palladium-Kohlekatalysators durch Zugabe einer Palladiumsalzlösung zu in einem Sauerstoffgruppen enthaltendem organischen Lösungsmittel suspendiertem Kohlenstoff unter Rühren, Waschen und Trocknen des abgetrennten Produkts, wobei die Zugabe in einer Wasserstoffatmosphäre erfolgt und das...
    IPCOM000240419D | 2015-Jan-29
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    Ingredients encoded into a QR code
    IPCOM000240418D | 2015-Jan-29
  6. 46.
    This article proposes a method for avoiding the calls to rules service and thus eliminating the financial and performance costs involved in making the call. This method consists of tracking and persisting the business rules execution time, along with input and output parameters. Also, by generally available...
    IPCOM000240417D | 2015-Jan-29
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    Disclosed is a system that can be integrated with a filesystem (Write Once Read Many) which understands the nature of stored data, access methods etc and also estimates the nature of incoming workload. Based on these noted results, the system automatically configures the appropriate depulication type, block size...
    IPCOM000240416D | 2015-Jan-29
  8. 48.
    To enable next level of security architecture based on near field devices and their communication mechanism.
    IPCOM000240415D | 2015-Jan-29
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    Disclosed is a technique to identify resume frauds based on the frauds detected in the past. These identified resume fraud patterns can be used to flag a new resume either as genuine or fraud. Crawling through web, looking at social profiles, matching the previous fake patterns, updating the patterns as they...
    IPCOM000240414D | 2015-Jan-29
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    Various bank users visit ATM machine to withdraw cash based on their requirements. Every such activity captures following information: • Bank Account No. • Amount withdrawn • Physical location of ATM • Date and Time of withdraw Based on the above data, the contact details of the target...
    IPCOM000240413D | 2015-Jan-29