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    Disclosed is a method to use an external debugger to call a function in the process being debugged.
    IPCOM000240784D | 2015-Feb-28
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    Disclosed are a system and method for collaborative third-party assisted augmented reality. The system is comprised of a video conference tool on a smart device (e.g., phone, tablet, etc.) that includes both a front- and a rear-facing camera.
    IPCOM000240783D | 2015-Feb-28
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    Disclosed is a utility, called Gridsync, to efficiently distribute data files/directories to a set of hosts in a cluster.
    IPCOM000240782D | 2015-Feb-28
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    Disclosed is a new purchasing method that uses a Universal Credit Code (UCC) system. The UCC system provides a convenient way to purchase a cash code in advance that allows consumers to securely obtain other goods using a provided code vs. a credit card through a Point of Sale (POS) station.
    IPCOM000240781D | 2015-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is a system that leverages smart phone applications for dynamically collected metadata for novel social capabilities during photo upload and sharing, while maintaining data privacy and allowing cross-application data sharing.
    IPCOM000240780D | 2015-Feb-27
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    Disclosed are a system and method to personalize a voicemail greeting using contextual information from caller identification (ID).
    IPCOM000240779D | 2015-Feb-27
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    A method and system is disclosed for automatically and transparently switching from one network to another by maintaining a same number and carrier when a cell phone’s signals are weak. The method and system performs the switching over based on monitoring the signal strengths of one or more networks.
    IPCOM000240778D | 2015-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000240777D | 2015-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000240776D | 2015-Feb-27
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    Embedded Non-volatile Memory (NVM) is widely used in current SoC designs. However, NVM needs more test time than most other IPs. This article introduces a method to reduce test time by remapping SoC SRAM for NVM module, which is controlled by a RISC core. The purpose of remapping is to enlarge the memory of the NVM...
    IPCOM000240775D | 2015-Feb-27