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    A method and system is disclosed for implementing a thread buffering service as an installable product or a built-in function of an operating system.
    IPCOM000241166D | 2015-Mar-31
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    A device and method for multi-well chromatography fluid flow control is described for gravitational, vacuum, and pressurized assays. Fluids can be flowed through a porous media and selectively collected at various time points, which cannot currently be accomplished with conventional vacuum filtration methods available...
    IPCOM000241165D | 2015-Mar-31
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    The invention strives to use augmented reality to provide liquid volume measurements.
    IPCOM000241164D | 2015-Mar-31
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    A system and method to detect speed of subject(s) utilizing a camera from any device (i.e. mobile, tablet, camera, computer, etc.) to capture moving subject distance, fixed object distance, and time using other video/photos taken by user(s) to calculate speed for comparison is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241163D | 2015-Mar-31
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    A method on the use of attractors for better crowd management is disclosed. Attractors track and direct people to final destination points in safe, orderly, and efficient manner.
    IPCOM000241162D | 2015-Mar-31
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    This disclosure can be used to reclaim energy loss in places where unwanted/wasted heat is produced, such as the chip itself, power supplies, regulators etc, and convert that heat into mechanical energy with the aid of a temperature differential. This can be used to pump liquid coolant such as water to result in...
    IPCOM000241161D | 2015-Mar-31
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    This disclosure proposed the idea of applying a rules based policy to determining grouping by velocity and position. Specifically, a method to define a policy that influences how objects with similar velocity are grouped.
    IPCOM000241160D | 2015-Mar-31
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    Polyolefin dispersions (PODs) used in food and beverage metal packaging formulations are composed of polyolefin resin (or blends of polyolefins) dispersed in water and are commercially available as CANVERA™ Polyolefin Dispersions. In addition to the polyolefin resin, dispersants, compatibilizers, and, additives are...
    IPCOM000241159D | 2015-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000241158D | 2015-Mar-31
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    In our invention, the deduplication data on backup server is used to detect sensitive data on client machines. The backup server scans the deduplication chunk IDs, and compare with a senstive data library to detect sensitive data. This solution has the advantage of: 1. No need to install extra software and...
    IPCOM000241157D | 2015-Mar-31