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    La présente invention concerne un dispositif de contrôle de la pédale d’accélération. L’invention propose une correspondance entre une position pédale d’accélération et une vitesse véhicule tout en gardant quasiment la même façon et le même ressentit de conduite, c'est-à-dire un régulateur de vitesses de type seconde...
    IPCOM000241457D | 2015-Apr-30
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    This article describes a new invention which can help a automobile driver to turn to the right direction in many situations. This device use HUD (heads up display), radar, and automobile speed, etc, to provide the correct recommended direction the driver should turn to. This article also gives some example...
    IPCOM000241456D | 2015-Apr-30
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    The article probes into the idea of smart switch of ringtone mode based on the weighted parameters of Calendar, WIFI (Access), Location, and Time. The preceding weighted parameters that are calculated in a mathematical mode can determine the ringtone mode and thus enable the smart switch for the mobile phones....
    IPCOM000241455D | 2015-Apr-30
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    This article describes a method to unlock mobile device with the help of equipped accelerometer. Mobile phones are widely used in people's daily life. Nowadays, people usually use character password or gesture to unlock their mobile phones(or devices). However, in some situations, such as cold winter, people were...
    IPCOM000241454D | 2015-Apr-30
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    Legacy partitioning of tape drive waisted capacity of guard wraps. This invention increase the tape volume capacity by eliminating the guard wraps by shifting the reader head position.
    IPCOM000241453D | 2015-Apr-30
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    Disclosed is a method to predict power demand of buildings without representative statistical method by using large volumes of actual data.
    IPCOM000241452D | 2015-Apr-30
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    3D IC chip packaging is by stacking several silicon wafers or dies to form electrical connection vertically. This paper presents a method of silicon stacking by having flexible substrate fabricated during the wafer process level. This method eliminates the use of third party medium substrate like flexible substrate,...
    IPCOM000241451D | 2015-Apr-29
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    User Space network processing is popular for various reasons (e.g., OpenOnload, DPDK, etc.). Conventional data-path applications process packets from the receive frame queue of Ethernet MAC. The applications require notification from the system of frame available notification and process frames corresponding to the...
    IPCOM000241450D | 2015-Apr-29
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    IPCOM000241449D | 2015-Apr-29
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    Rather than spending time in (or once released from) prison, many offenders are outfitted with electronic monitoring (EM) devices that indicate their current location and in some instances their current activity. These devices, usually attached to the ankle or other appendage, broadcast global positioning system...
    IPCOM000241448D | 2015-Apr-29