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  1. 91.
    This invention discloses a new system and method to protect our confidential information entered on mobile or tranditional device from peeper. This system contains an enhanced input module of smart/tranditional device and matched parser of wearable device. Confidential information is stored in wearable device....
    IPCOM000241359D | 2015-Apr-21
  2. 92.
    This invention provides a way to display help information of shortcut keys as demand. The information of the shortcut keys will be shown only when the shortcut key is available in current situation. It can be adopted to all the software programs, and it can helps user to get the information of shortcut keys, and...
    IPCOM000241358D | 2015-Apr-21
  3. 93.
    In this system, we claimed two layers of protection and one reference score – confidence score for users to decide what data could or should be shared for credit rating and what should be protected. Two layers of protection 1) Authorization 2) Grain degree selection and One reference score 1) Confidence Score...
    IPCOM000241357D | 2015-Apr-21
  4. 94.
    Disclosed is a method to prevent counterfeiting of plastic-containing parts using fluorescent mechanosensor polymers. These disclosed polymers fluoresce in response to applied pressure.
    IPCOM000241356D | 2015-Apr-20
  5. 95.
    Disclosed is a novel and non-obvious system and method to keep a user awake by intelligently initiating a phone call to an available contact (or service) in which a driver is likely to have an engaging conversation.
    IPCOM000241355D | 2015-Apr-20
  6. 96.
    Vehicle brand recognition for video surveillance systems. By making a comparison of still images captured by a video camera at specific positions with images generated from a 3D car model we can precisely confirm that a given vehicle is of a given brand and model.
    IPCOM000241354D | 2015-Apr-20
  7. 97.
    IPCOM000241353D | 2015-Apr-20
  8. 98.
    IPCOM000241352D | 2015-Apr-19
  9. 99.
    This invention consists of following ideas to enhance user experience when browsing search results of e-commerce website.It will distinguish different keywords, and search for each keyword simultaneously and will display multiple keywords searched results on one page.
    IPCOM000241351D | 2015-Apr-18
  10. 100.
    This innovation discloses a method to let end user to upload several groups of pictures to password images storage pool(PISP) and then select some groups of these pictures to be password. Once the password has been setup, any item of these groups that you uploaded will be randomly grouped and present on the lock...
    IPCOM000241350D | 2015-Apr-18