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  1. 111.
    A method and system is disclosed for locating related support content using Quick Response (QR) codes.
    IPCOM000241335D | 2015-Apr-17
  2. 112.
    Disclosed is an electronic note pad that automates the action of annotation relative to a target document the user is reading or reviewing. The tool scans the document that the user is viewing, and then automatically annotates and bookmarks the links in the document.
    IPCOM000241334D | 2015-Apr-17
  3. 113.
    This paper discusses the method to inject constant voltage offset to differential successive-approximation-register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with minor change to existing capacitor array found in SAR ADC. The constant voltage offset is fundamental to the stimulus error identification and removal (SEIR)...
    IPCOM000241333D | 2015-Apr-17
  4. 114.
    In deployments where a traffic session manager maintains session per core, there is a need of re-balancing the session load after the initial load balancing as there is a possibility of a core being idle when existing sessions are closed and the device is not receiving new sessions. Re-balancing the session based on...
    IPCOM000241332D | 2015-Apr-17
  5. 115.
    The HI-speed USB 2.0 serial bus is used today in a broad range of computer as well as embedded designs. USB-IF physical layer compliance certification is required for all vendors using USB2.0 interface. USB-IF has specified many fixtures for carrying out different test setups. Making different hardware setups is a...
    IPCOM000241331D | 2015-Apr-17
  6. 116.
    Package on package is needed for integrating multiple functional dies (e.g. application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) with Memory or system in packaging). However, conventional approaches have long interconnect path between top and bottom dies. Another approach discussed here is a stackable BGA package with...
    IPCOM000241330D | 2015-Apr-17
  7. 117.
    The article proposes a solution to the problem faced by those who own multiple mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, all of which are configured to emit event notifications. In such instances a single event is reported across all devices irrespective of their proximity, which may be a cause of...
    IPCOM000241329D | 2015-Apr-17
  8. 118.
    IPCOM000241328D | 2015-Apr-17
  9. 119.
    Disclosed is a system for interpreting timely feedback response and presenting the information to a user during an event.
    IPCOM000241327D | 2015-Apr-17
  10. 120.
    Suitable and stable pharmaceutical formulations are disclosed.
    IPCOM000241326D | 2015-Apr-17