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    A system and a technique for optimizing an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC include axial shifting of shaft to control nozzle or turbine overlap. The shaft is positioned through an active magnetic bearing control. The magnetic bearing control allows continuous change of overlapped cross-section between a nozzle exit and a...
    IPCOM000241447D | 2015-Apr-29
  2. 12.
    IPCOM000241446D | 2015-Apr-28
  3. 13.
    IPCOM000241445D | 2015-Apr-28
  4. 14.
    A front fan or blisk fan is a largest fan diameter in a turbo fan engine with a very small tip clearance from the fan containment housing. The smaller tip clearance enhances the performance of the engine by reducing the tip flow leakage. The blisk fan experiences a high wear and tear during operation, and the...
    IPCOM000241444D | 2015-Apr-28
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    Mail is used widely in our daily work, this disclosure introduces a new method to make the mail group management more convenient. When we send the mail to a set of persons, we might miss for some persons. We might get reply from different persons, and the reply would have relation with each other. Sometimes, if...
    IPCOM000241443D | 2015-Apr-28
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    For the FFR guidewire, a ribbon, round coil, or braid can be mounted on the ID of the high torque sleeve encapsulating the fiber optic sensor shaft providing an additional strength member in the device.
    IPCOM000241442D | 2015-Apr-27
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    This publication pertains to a low cost semi-automatic accelerated tensile pull test for flat ribbon cable and/or wire assemblies. The test apparatus is specifically designed for flat ribbon cable and wire assemblies with specific designs.
    IPCOM000241441D | 2015-Apr-27
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    IPCOM000241440D | 2015-Apr-27
  9. 19.
    The problem solved by this idea is to optimise sporting performance by intelligently reshuffling playlists with no user input. The proposed system goes beyond current playlist options by taking in additional information such as the planned duration of the activity, the current location, the pace of the user, user...
    IPCOM000241439D | 2015-Apr-27
  10. 20.
    This document discloses a method for reducing ground leakage current in two-stage gridconnected photovoltaic inverter. The novel method reduces significantly the ground leakage current in a PV system when compared to a conventional two-stage solution.
    IPCOM000241438D | 2015-Apr-27