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  1. 31.
    To resolve challenge of delivering new phone numbers to real friend, instead of strangers, this new approach provides Notification and Transmission phrases automatically.
    IPCOM000241423D | 2015-Apr-25
  2. 32.
    This invention is about a method and apparatus for managing cables of rack mounted servers in a flexible way. Problem being solved: Cables (including power supply cables, network cables, etc.) which exit the rear of the rack mounted servers are always in a mess. It is desirable to keep the cables organized and at...
    IPCOM000241422D | 2015-Apr-25
  3. 33.
    There are more and more private cars running on cities' roads, which adds much more pressure on traffic control. Under specific conditions (such as inbound peak morning commutes verses outbound evening commutes, blockages due to accidents, constructions, or disabled vehicles) there can be situations that, on a...
    IPCOM000241421D | 2015-Apr-25
  4. 34.
    In this disclosure, a patch service platform is used to concurrently apply patches for images in a cloud environment based on image management policies. The disclosure includes the following major components: service console and service infrastructure. The service console uses the component " System Controller" to...
    IPCOM000241420D | 2015-Apr-25
  5. 35.
    The disclosure relates to a building panel including a water resistant core comprising thermoplastic material and a surface layer comprising thermosetting resins. Production methods to form a board material with a dry blend of thermoplastic particles in powder form and fillers in powder form and to apply a surface...
    IPCOM000241419D | 2015-Apr-24
  6. 36.
    IPCOM000241418D | 2015-Apr-24
  7. 37.
    A hydraulic driven air conditioning system comprising a stop-state system for cooling is disclosed. In particular, it is intended that the stop-state system comprises a cooling heat exchanger and a cold accumulator. The cold accumulator of the stop-state system is charged by an evaporation process in the region of the...
    IPCOM000241417D | 2015-Apr-24
  8. 38.
    A method of preparing an ultra-thin multilayer polymeric structure is established. With such method, layers down to 50 – 100 nm thickness, which is comparable to the resolution of the AFM-IR and controllable compositions, can be prepared. Thus, it has not only enabled pre-collection of the IR spectrums of each...
    IPCOM000241416D | 2015-Apr-24
  9. 39.
    This publication describes making a dam using a photo-imageble liquid solder mask that provides a wall to hold and retain the liquid encapsulation during dispensing and curing. This solder mask dam may be applied on a LED packaging flexible substrate.
    IPCOM000241415D | 2015-Apr-24
  10. 40.
    The layout from the bottom foot of terminal within a power semiconductor module is decribed. In state-of-the-art power electronics (PE) modules (e.g. ABB’s HiPak IGBT modules), the electrical terminals as well as other components are ultrasonic welded onto a metalized ceramics substrate. During the ultrasonic welding...
    IPCOM000241414D | 2015-Apr-24