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Month of April 2015 - Page Number 5

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  1. 41.
    Disclosed is a method to increase uniaxial strain in the channel of the fin Field Effect Transistors (finFETs). The approach uses a small amount of suspension in the source drain (S/D) regions to relax the strain in the S/D and transfer the force through volume expansion of the already-compressed material to the...
    IPCOM000241413D | 2015-Apr-24
  2. 42.
    Leveraging QR codes for enhancing authentication data to provide more accurate data on users in login history reporting.
    IPCOM000241412D | 2015-Apr-24
  3. 43.
    Disclosed is a method to increase efficiency in a Service Oriented Architecture by running failed tasks on alternate hosts and adding a new task retry limit counter, which is only for the host-unreachable case.
    IPCOM000241411D | 2015-Apr-24
  4. 44.
    Disclosed is an electronic mail system that uses individual mailing identification codes (IDs) to optimize the mail delivery process.
    IPCOM000241410D | 2015-Apr-24
  5. 45.
    A method and system is disclosed for checking transactional safety for reuse of transient results.
    IPCOM000241409D | 2015-Apr-24
  6. 46.
    Described is the use of e present vibration and fin motion via a piezoelectric device to improve the heat dissipation capacity of a plate-finned heat sink.
    IPCOM000241408D | 2015-Apr-23
  7. 47.
    Described is a security feature which can be implemented into a PCB/Blade/Processing unit assembly in a laminate format, with or without standby power.
    IPCOM000241407D | 2015-Apr-23
  8. 48.
    Pour les pièces de fabrication en drapage automatique, la largeur de dépose de carbone dépend directement d’un multiple de fibres déposées. Lorsque le contour du pli n’est pas parfaitement parallèle à la direction de dépose, la matière déposée génère un effet de crénulation. Ce phénomène entraîne une frontière qui...
    IPCOM000241406D | 2015-Apr-23
  9. 49.
    The expansion board uses a new plastic self-fastening mounting bracket to connect the expansion board to the inverter chassis. The expansion board has one connector and a mounting bracket used to be fixed to the inverter chassis thanks to a screw. The mounting bracket has two holes because it has to be mounted in...
    IPCOM000241405D | 2015-Apr-23
  10. 50.
    The new switchbox is dedicated to a string Inverter and it is done in plastic material. Regarding the connection it is used a DIN Rail connector for DC and AC side, while for the grounding it is used a metal bar.
    IPCOM000241404D | 2015-Apr-23