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    Disclosed is a method to identify and name a Client-initiated computer transaction when the Client’s protocol is not recognized by the Server’s software monitor. The solution incorporates a network sniffer to identify the transaction’s network signature and applies pattern matching techniques to identify specific...
    IPCOM000241774D | 2015-May-30
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    Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is commonly used as a non-contact method of obtaining full-field maps of strain in experimental mechanics. This technique can be used to determine full-field deformations and motions in sea ice using aerial imagery such as satellite high-resolution optical images or synthetic aperture...
    IPCOM000241773D | 2015-May-29
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    This paper relate to methods of barite ore sorting. It describes methods that uses sensor based sorting to separate valuable barite-rich rocks in the ore from barite-poor or one consisting of different minerals. The method includes steps of mining, primary grinding, and screening to sensor-based sorting resulting in...
    IPCOM000241772D | 2015-May-29
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    Disclosed is a method to enhance the adsorption of radon and using the radon as a source of high energy alpha particles.
    IPCOM000241769D | 2015-May-29
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    Disclosed is a method to measure ultra-low levels of alpha particles from powders without contaminating the counter. The method uses wafer semiconductor dicing tape to contain the particles.
    IPCOM000241768D | 2015-May-29
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    Presented herein is a solution that uses Seamless-Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD) as Operations and Management (OAM) probes, though any OAM probes can potentially be used. Instructions are bound to an S-BFD discriminator value. When tied to a very efficient OAM mechanism like S-BFD, improved and expanded...
    IPCOM000241767D | 2015-May-29
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    L’invention vise à définir un protocole adaptatif permettant une personnalisation de certains mécanismes (comme la transmission RF) pour chaque client jusqu’au niveau d’une plateforme véhicule (ou même d’un véhicule) à l’aide de paramètres modifiables d’un même capteur via des calibrations en bout de ligne de...
    IPCOM000241766D | 2015-May-29
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    Method for smart software scan file system scan directory exclusion mechanism.
    IPCOM000241765D | 2015-May-29
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    Disclosed is a method to leverage the way humans use physical characteristics of wear to make associations and recognize an object to enable a user to make similar associations based on graphic characteristics that show wear and recognize an object in the graphical user interface (GUI) environment.
    IPCOM000241764D | 2015-May-29
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    With more powerful hardware on mobile devices, split screen multitasking becomes possible. Data sharing between split-screen multitasking apps (foreground running apps) is necessary under many situations. Currently, the data sharing mechanisms on mobile platforms are neither powerful nor flexible. We provide a...
    IPCOM000241763D | 2015-May-29