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    As specified in [RFC4861], when an interface on a host is initialized, in order to obtain Router Advertisements quickly, a host transmits up to MAX_RTR_SOLICITATIONS (3) Router Solicitation (RS) messages, each separated by at least RTR_SOLICITATION_INTERVAL (4) seconds. In certain scenarios, these Router...
    IPCOM000241777D | Original Publication Date: 2015-May-01
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    A Babel packet [RFC6126] contains a header followed by a sequence of TLVs, each of which is a sequence of octets having an explicit type and length. The original Babel protocol has the following provisions for including extension data:
    IPCOM000241776D | Original Publication Date: 2015-May-01
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    This document describes a fine-grained source address validation mechanism for IPv4 and IPv6 packets. This mechanism creates bindings between IP addresses assigned to network interfaces by DHCP and suitable binding anchors (Section 4.3.5). As discussed in Section 3 and [RFC7039], a "binding anchor" is an attribute...
    IPCOM000241775D | Original Publication Date: 2015-May-01
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    Disclosed is a method to identify and name a Client-initiated computer transaction when the Client’s protocol is not recognized by the Server’s software monitor. The solution incorporates a network sniffer to identify the transaction’s network signature and applies pattern matching techniques to identify specific...
    IPCOM000241774D | 2015-May-30
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    Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is commonly used as a non-contact method of obtaining full-field maps of strain in experimental mechanics. This technique can be used to determine full-field deformations and motions in sea ice using aerial imagery such as satellite high-resolution optical images or synthetic aperture...
    IPCOM000241773D | 2015-May-29
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    This paper relate to methods of barite ore sorting. It describes methods that uses sensor based sorting to separate valuable barite-rich rocks in the ore from barite-poor or one consisting of different minerals. The method includes steps of mining, primary grinding, and screening to sensor-based sorting resulting in...
    IPCOM000241772D | 2015-May-29
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    Disclosed is a method to enhance the adsorption of radon and using the radon as a source of high energy alpha particles.
    IPCOM000241769D | 2015-May-29
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    Disclosed is a method to measure ultra-low levels of alpha particles from powders without contaminating the counter. The method uses wafer semiconductor dicing tape to contain the particles.
    IPCOM000241768D | 2015-May-29
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    Presented herein is a solution that uses Seamless-Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD) as Operations and Management (OAM) probes, though any OAM probes can potentially be used. Instructions are bound to an S-BFD discriminator value. When tied to a very efficient OAM mechanism like S-BFD, improved and expanded...
    IPCOM000241767D | 2015-May-29
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    L’invention vise à définir un protocole adaptatif permettant une personnalisation de certains mécanismes (comme la transmission RF) pour chaque client jusqu’au niveau d’une plateforme véhicule (ou même d’un véhicule) à l’aide de paramètres modifiables d’un même capteur via des calibrations en bout de ligne de...
    IPCOM000241766D | 2015-May-29