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    Disclosed is a device that assists one person in finding another person, tool, or location via haptic, visual, audible, or other feedback. The device relies on a Marco-Polo ‘ping’ system to determine proximity to a specified target. Proximity feedback changes with changing proximity (e.g., haptic, visual, etc.).
    IPCOM000241721D | 2015-May-26
  2. 52.
    Disclosed is a Monte Carlo based automated design layout optimization for multiple performance enhancements and degrade mechanisms that enables the generation of the best functional layout.
    IPCOM000241720D | 2015-May-26
  3. 53.
    Multiple-zone frac- or gravel-pack systems are becoming increasingly popular in the oil industry as they allow for multiple zones in a well to be treated during a single trip of the workstring. The newer versions of these systems rely on the sand screen assembly to provide fluid flow control. The sand screen assembly...
    IPCOM000241719D | 2015-May-26
  4. 54.
    IPCOM000241718D | 2015-May-26
  5. 55.
    A system and method for sharing application data with vendors in an online market place to solicit more accurate bids for services is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241717D | 2015-May-26
  6. 56.
    A system and method for utilizing a mobile (wearable) physical activity tracking device to enabling usage of another device or service.
    IPCOM000241716D | 2015-May-26
  7. 57.
    A system and method for optimizing a user's shopping experience is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241715D | 2015-May-26
  8. 58.
    Disclosed is a method and system for forming Gate to CA airgap spacer. The airgap spacer at the gate side walls reduces capacitance between the gate and CA.
    IPCOM000241714D | 2015-May-26
  9. 59.
    A system and method for information gap prediction for ingested media in a system capable of answering questions is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241713D | 2015-May-26
  10. 60.
    A method for integrating secure connectivity for third party mobile cloud services providers is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241712D | 2015-May-26