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  1. 61.
    A method for interpreting complex graphs for optimal ingestion into a system capable of answering questions is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241711D | 2015-May-26
  2. 62.
    A system and method for product purchase recommendations/marketing based on a recipe database is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241710D | 2015-May-26
  3. 63.
    The invention teaches a multi-network architecture for controlling driverless vehicles and an algorithm which adjusts event activation such that a change of state decision is less probably for the driverless vehicle when in proximity to human driver driven vehicles. The multi-network architecture consists of a first...
    IPCOM000241709D | 2015-May-26
  4. 64.
    The purpose of this work was to evaluate the formulation possibilities with Carboxydecyl trisiloxane as surface treatment, mainly for fine particles. The composition of this silicone fluid and its use in Personal Care have been described in many patents. Among them, WO2009022621, JP2009-155564 and JP2013-256303...
    IPCOM000241708D | 2015-May-26
  5. 65.
    The disclosure proposes a voice indicator system and a method for indicating parameters through a voice call in the CPAP system. The voice indicator system includes a parameter voice indicator sub-system. Each voice indicator sub-system is incorporated in an electronic blender and an electronic flow control meter....
    IPCOM000241707D | 2015-May-25
  6. 66.
    An ubiquitous passive listening process/system that customizes actions based on customer requests tailored to the audience involved is disclosed. The system connects to the user's devices and/or services in order to take automatic actions for the user.
    IPCOM000241706D | 2015-May-23
  7. 67.
    This article defines a method to determine a vitality program suitable for mitigating and relieving a destructive condition to improve efficiency of a collaborative workspace, including: condition to a group of people connected in a collaborative workspace social network for improved efficiency and harmonious...
    IPCOM000241705D | 2015-May-23
  8. 68.
    System and method to intelligently link test dependencies to classes which can be inherited by both parent and child classes. Additionally, allows linking tests to classes that are tightly coupled to ensure consistent operation in the overall application.
    IPCOM000241704D | 2015-May-23
  9. 69.
    A method is discussed for defining a real time context emotion based think-twice alert message management method for filtering out unneeded alter messages according users’ preference.
    IPCOM000241703D | 2015-May-23
  10. 70.
    A system and method for dual entity controlled mode access is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241702D | 2015-May-23