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  1. 71.
    A system and method for a smart cloud augmented reality robot is disclosed.
    IPCOM000241701D | 2015-May-23
  2. 72.
    A Completely distributed Method leveraging Crowd Sourcing for availing Medical Emergency services resulting in best SLAs for individual services (individual services include and not limited to Ambulance, First Aid, Medical Practitioners, Hospitals, Blood Bank Service, Pathology services, Medicines etc.) wherein: a)...
    IPCOM000241700D | 2015-May-22
  3. 73.
    Disclosed is a Method of considering the Scheduler Resource Affinity Domain(SRAD) while expanding the effective memory capacity of the system by compressing least recently used un-compressed pages into compressed pages. This article contains mainly the way of spreading its compressed pool & uncompressed pool...
    IPCOM000241699D | 2015-May-22
  4. 74.
    Embodiment proposes a method to deal with rules / triggers which are executed based on static and dynamic data. Certain rules which are based on social collaboration of information or data, should be prioritized based on the current business need. The article proposes methods to Pause, Stop and restart execution of...
    IPCOM000241698D | 2015-May-22
  5. 75.
    Drag & drop is the most common action on the computer. The drop target, however ,can be very hard to locate sometimes in deep level of nested structure. In this article, a view with detective boundary outside and aggregated items inside is provided to dynamically guide the user through hierarchical structure with...
    IPCOM000241697D | 2015-May-22
  6. 76.
    Abstract Disclosed is a new design methodology applicable for layout optimization of large silicon devices such as power amplifiers or switches. The main features and building blocks are: - the addition in a standard PDK of all the necessary procedures to generate a hierarchical programmable cell (pcell) that...
    IPCOM000241696D | 2015-May-22
  7. 77.
    IPCOM000241695D | 2015-May-22
  8. 78.
    Disclosed is a method for highlighting outliers for secondary metrics using a pie chart. When an outlier metric is distinctly shown, the other metrics are dimmed in order to highlight the outlier.
    IPCOM000241694D | 2015-May-22
  9. 79.
    This article describes a method for ensuring data redundancy levels are maintained in a way that also takes into considerations are service level requirements of the data such as performance, security, and locality. In the event of a reduction in redundancy, an automated process is described which selects the ideal...
    IPCOM000241693D | 2015-May-22
  10. 80.
    IPCOM000241692D | 2015-May-22