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    This article describes a simple and quick method to copy & paste the text which is contained in a certain block of images. This method is very helpful and useful when it is just expected to obtain the text in a specified block of a image instantly and quickly. In this article it not only points out the shortcomings...
    IPCOM000242654D | 2015-Jul-31
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    In the scenario of internal business meeting or training, we might need to share some files like the presentation to participants by the invitation email or an online meeting system. For saving the space and version control, we usually copy&paste the file link generated by a web storage system other than uploading the...
    IPCOM000242653D | 2015-Jul-31
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    A method and system is disclosed for enabling a pool cleaning robot to remotely turn off a pump when a debris bag or filter is completely filled.
    IPCOM000242652D | 2015-Jul-31
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    Disclosed are a method and system for creating a programmatic light and sound choreographed show utilizing the mobile devices of volunteers in an audience.
    IPCOM000242651D | 2015-Jul-31
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    System and method to accelerate array rebuilding with storage virtualization, by migrating data from a virtual drive to new drive meanwhile spliting read and write IO to improve performance.
    IPCOM000242650D | 2015-Jul-31
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    Experiences from initial service provider IPv6 network deployments, such as [RFC6219], indicate that successful transition to IPv6 can happen while supporting legacy IPv4 users without a full end-to-end dual-IP-stack deployment. However, due to public IPv4 address exhaustion, this requires an IPv6 technology that...
    IPCOM000242649D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jul-01
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    A number of architectural solution proposals discussed in the IETF Softwire Working Group use Address plus Port (A+P) [RFC6346] as their technology base for providing IPv4 connectivity to end users using Customer Edge (CE) devices across a service provider's IPv6 network, while allowing for shared or dedicated IPv4...
    IPCOM000242648D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jul-01
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    Mapping of IPv4 addresses in IPv6 addresses has been described in numerous mechanisms dating back to the mid-1990s [RFC1933] [RFC4213]. The "automatic tunneling" mechanism as first described in [RFC1933] assigned a globally unique IPv6 address to a host by combining the host's IPv4 address with a well-known IPv6...
    IPCOM000242647D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jul-01
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    Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite) [RFC6333] defines a model for providing IPv4 access over an IPv6 network using two well-known technologies: IP in IP [RFC2473] and Network Address Translation (NAT). The DS-Lite architecture defines two major functional elements as follows:
    IPCOM000242646D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jul-01
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    IPCOM000242645D | 2015-Jul-31