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    In 2013, BASF launched a new polymer, Luviset® One, designed to fill unmet market needs. The new Acrylates/Methacrylamide Copolymer (INCI) was engineered to provide multi-functional properties in the hair styling market. The polymer could be used as a styling polymer as well as a thickener for all types of non-aerosol...
    IPCOM000242933D | 2015-Aug-31
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    Energy consumption and throughput are two concerns for compounding processes. Lower energy consumption and higher throughput could help compounders create more value with reduced cost and increased productivity. Throughput is normally restricted by melt pressure during the compounding process. So the lower melt...
    IPCOM000242932D | 2015-Aug-31
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    The disclosure describes an integrated system consisting of an online gas analyzer closely coupled with the fuel cell system employing a two-step mathematical algorithm that maintains the hydrogen content or the fuel utilization of a solid oxide fuel cell or stack irrespective of the fluctuations in higher...
    IPCOM000242931D | 2015-Aug-31
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    The present disclosure provides an improved method for treating compositions comprising dibasic esters. It also provides stable compositions of dibasic esters virtually devoid of entrained impurities which cause color and turbidity.
    IPCOM000242930D | 2015-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000242929D | 2015-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000242928D | 2015-Aug-31
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    The progress bar for multi media device, such as television or computer currently is some kind of dull and waste of business resource (progress bar everywhere). So we can do something to make better use of progress bar such as 'embed advertisement'. Our idea is to select and generate advertisement list dynamically...
    IPCOM000242927D | 2015-Aug-31
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    Users have to move the thumb across the screen in order to send Chinese messages, as the first result suggested by the Chinese input method and the Send button are located on both sides of the interface. This disclosure discloses a method to fast select the candidate entry and send out the content. Users can flick up...
    IPCOM000242926D | 2015-Aug-31
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    Our disclosure can locate each picture in chatting history based on the time information in each picture. As every picture has a specific time of sending, we can use the time stamp to locate the position of the picture in chatting history to convenience user to find what they want in chatting history.
    IPCOM000242925D | 2015-Aug-31
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    This disclosure discloses a method and apparatus to improve the efficiency of personal financial businesses, which: 1) provides a Business Advisor to guide user determine appropriate type of business before he comes to branch 2) provides a Form Filler to help user collect required information for request form...
    IPCOM000242924D | 2015-Aug-31