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    Disclosed is a system and method for requesting multiple non-overlapping Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates valid from a Certificate Authority (CA), in a single transaction with the CA. The system comprises a mechanism to request a plurality of certificates for a variety of date ranges, possibly with...
    IPCOM000243557D | 2015-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a system and method for device fault aggregation. The system monitors the electronic storage system for signs that the data is in danger of being lost, and then implements a process for moving the data to online backup.
    IPCOM000243556D | 2015-Sep-30
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    Nonwoven webs are a critical component to many of KC's disposable absorbent articles. For example, some webs are responsible for fluid intake and distribution, and therefore must remain sufficiently open even under compressive loading. Material development can be accelerated by predicting functional web performance...
    IPCOM000243555D | 2015-Sep-30
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    La présente invention se rapporte au domaine des alimentations stabilisées pour électronique automobile embarquée et notamment celles présentant une très faible consommation électrique en mode de veille. Lesdites alimentations stabilisées sont basées sur un régulateur linéaire et un ensemble d’interrupteurs permettant...
    IPCOM000243553D | 2015-Sep-30
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    The disclosure talks about a system which allows user or group admin to divide current IM(Instant Messaging) group into one or more subgroups automatically based on the responses of the member from existing group.
    IPCOM000243552D | 2015-Sep-30
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    Mobile devices put a premium on the battery and internet connectivity, including the speed of the connection on the device is improving overall. This allows a mobile device (or any other device for that matter) to offload actions such as just-in-time comilation of code to the cloud. Such an offloading of...
    IPCOM000243551D | 2015-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a system to identify disease outbreaks or epidemics using wearable computing devices
    IPCOM000243550D | 2015-Sep-30
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    A method to pass client information to all nodes of a distributed transaction system with all all XA calls. The client information will be passed inside XID. All the participants of the transaction can use the information in various ways like transaction tracking, etc.
    IPCOM000243549D | 2015-Sep-30
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    Abstract Disclosed is a method to graphically author and maintain help documents that can be used to assist the user of a software product. The generated help documents use path based tracking to shadow user actions and determine if the user is working positively towards attaining a declared objective. The user...
    IPCOM000243548D | 2015-Sep-30
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    As per the World Health Organization (WHO), Over 5% of the world’s population – 360 million people – has disabling hearing loss (328 million adults and 32 million children).Traditional mobile audio switch(Volume Button) approach provide a static option to end user which needs to be managed and adjusted and is not...
    IPCOM000243547D | 2015-Sep-30