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  1. 91.
    This article presents a method and system of identify suitable people to answer questions posted to social applications. When user posts a question/message in a social network: 1. The system will identify sutiable people according to history analysis and the profile 2. Notify related people automatically to be...
    IPCOM000243466D | 2015-Sep-24
  2. 92.
    The disclosure is to provide a system and method to do just-in-time customized translation through portable personal device. The personalized globalization preference and predefined translations are stored in mobile device. Users can replace any displayed translation of target object with preferred translations...
    IPCOM000243465D | 2015-Sep-24
  3. 93.
    This publication describes a means of maintaining free flowing characteristics of polyolefin products applicable to several Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) applications. Further, this publication describes a means of using additives, known as slip additives, to reduce agglomeration tendency of such polyolefins.
    IPCOM000243464D | 2015-Sep-23
  4. 94.
    The article describes the effect of improving polyethylene film optical, mechanical and sealing properties by reformulating a mono co-extrusion structure into real co-extrusion structure with maintained film composition (i.e., no change to total blending ratio) and no extra cost. The conclusion was supported with...
    IPCOM000243463D | 2015-Sep-23
  5. 95.
    IP piping pressure measurements historically have a dead pocket where accumulation of waxes or other substances can occur which impacts the pressure measurement accuracy. Extended membrane pressure measurements resolve these issues as the membrane is flush with the ID of the IP pipe. These measurements are used on...
    IPCOM000243462D | 2015-Sep-23
  6. 96.
    Cash in brokerage sweep accounts can be swept overnight to insured cash accounts at chartered financial institutions in order to earn interest on the cash that is transferred. When the cash amounts in the brokerage sweep account are high, brokered financial institution deposits can be used to provide a higher...
    IPCOM000243461D | 2015-Sep-23
  7. 97.
    Cash in a brokerage sweep account for a customer can be transferred to chartered financial institutions in such a manner that Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage is maximized at the chartered financial institutions. Currently the FDIC insurance limit is $250,000 per depositor for a specific type of...
    IPCOM000243460D | 2015-Sep-23
  8. 98.
    The present invention proposed a method to use wearable sensor devices to monitor human body's physical data, furthermore predicting the human needs, and then making suggestions of nearest station facility that the user might need so he/she can move over to the particular cabin in advance, and save the time and energy...
    IPCOM000243459D | 2015-Sep-23
  9. 99.
    Currently, with the technical changing, more and more application developer would like to use small object instead of big SQL. Actually, it is just like a kind of join, but with the program structure, the join sequence is defined by the code process. But the tables size and data are changed frequently, and...
    IPCOM000243458D | 2015-Sep-23
  10. 100.
    In remote web meeting, the presenter does not know how the screen has been synchronized in most audience side. So this disclosure will help to address this issue with several options without breaking the shared presentation. Option1: Use the brightness bar of the screen to hint the synchronization rate. Option2:...
    IPCOM000243457D | 2015-Sep-23