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    IPCOM000243536D | 2015-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000243535D | 2015-Sep-29
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    Formerly standard home devices have become internet-connected, smart, and incredibly versatile. Not too long ago, a TV used to be a fairly simple and easy-to-use commodity device. Now these have been superseeded with smart TVs that come with a multitude of abilities and configuration options. While such devices are...
    IPCOM000243534D | 2015-Sep-29
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    A method and system is disclosed for modifying multi-media content for one or more sensitive viewers in real-time based on feedback from one or more other viewers.
    IPCOM000243533D | 2015-Sep-29
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    Disclosed are an interface and a protocol that enables a meeting invitee to invite third parties to a meeting.
    IPCOM000243532D | 2015-Sep-29
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    In this disclosure, we claim a system and method to prevent a web site from loading lag. It comprises of (1) connectivity checker which check web access by probing a target web site and its embedded sites per geo limitation or policy, and (2) connectivity database which is a repository to store all geo-blocking ip...
    IPCOM000243531D | 2015-Sep-29
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    The undersigned has filed the patent (WO2013132468) “Road trailer with orientable secondary wheelset” in a number of countries, and is developing a range extending service for electric vehicles as one application of this patent. The patent contains a description of the steering mechanism of the secondary wheelset,...
    IPCOM000243530D | 2015-Sep-29
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    A method and system is disclosed for replacing a blurred advertisement in media content with an overlay.
    IPCOM000243529D | 2015-Sep-29
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    Disclosed is a method and system for creating a process template for internal/external collaboration using social tools/technologies that can be easily adopted by individual teamâ?Ts specific needs. Thus, as the team continues to adopt collaboration, the template can be customized according the teamâ?Ts specific...
    IPCOM000243528D | 2015-Sep-29
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    A method and system is disclosed for enabling printing of a document along with drop-down options in the document.
    IPCOM000243527D | 2015-Sep-29