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    IPCOM000243486D | 2015-Sep-24
  2. 72.
    A Ball Seat Insert is constructed with multiple materials on its spherical sealing surface or is constructed with multiple, nested cylindrical leaves at its spherical sealing surface. Both designs can provide both a hard and soft sealing surface for the Ball. Ball Valves used in subterranean wells are frequently...
    IPCOM000243485D | 2015-Sep-24
  3. 73.
    TECHNICAL FIELD This disclosure relates to improving the impact and fracture resistance of the laminated composites made by resin infusion. PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED AND PRIOR ART In general, in-plane laminates are prone to damage due to impact. This damage could be in the form of delamination or dis-bond or...
    IPCOM000243484D | 2015-Sep-24
  4. 74.
    A metal Insert for a Bonded Seal has a "hinge" shape so that pressure applied to the Seal will cause the outer section of the hinge to flair out and close off the extrusion gap between the Bonded Seal and a seal bore. Bonded Seals are used to seal tubing strings or work strings to Packer bores. An elastomer is bonded...
    IPCOM000243483D | 2015-Sep-24
  5. 75.
    TECHNICAL FIELD This disclosure relates to a method of roll control or trimming the rolling moment of an aircraft, in particular a civil transport aircraft in its roll attitude though placement of fuel in wing fuel tank with the intention to generate a rolling moment due the differences in fuel quantity tank pairs...
    IPCOM000243482D | 2015-Sep-24
  6. 76.
    A metal Insert for a Bonded Seal is constructed with two internal cavities. One cavity is exposed to pressure on one side of the Bonded Seal and the other cavity is exposed to pressure on the other side. Each cavity communicates their respective pressure to the areas just beyond the seal points so that the pressure is...
    IPCOM000243481D | 2015-Sep-24
  7. 77.
    A Seal Bore Sub is designed with porous metal at the ID near the exit of the bore. A channel lies outside the porous metal but in communication with it. The channel runs in an axial direction for the length of the porous metal. A seal beginning to exit such a Seal Bore Sub while still under differential pressure would...
    IPCOM000243480D | 2015-Sep-24
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    A method is provided for a user interface injection mechanism that allows a user interface to be added/updated on an on-premises server using a cloud platform to upgrade the user interface. This allows for customer flexibility, so that the updated user interface can be pushed without cumbersome manual administration...
    IPCOM000243479D | 2015-Sep-24
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    The Bypass Crossover Sub is made by additive manufacturing (3-d printing) out of a material suitable for expected tensile, burst, and collapse loading. This process allows the circulation paths to be customized for optimum gravel pack performance (less turbulence and erosion for a given rate and volume of proppant...
    IPCOM000243478D | 2015-Sep-24
  10. 80.
    The invention relates to electrical machines or generators operated with inverters connected to an electrical grid, and to improvements in handling of major disturbances thereof. The method works by short circuiting the inflowing current by use of the inverter IGBTs. Instead of normal switching operation, all IGBTs...
    IPCOM000243477D | 2015-Sep-24