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  1. 81.
    Bonded Seals are used to seal tubing strings or work strings to Packer bores. An elastomer is bonded to the OD of a metal Insert and provides a bi-directional static or dynamic seal with the Packer bore. An O-Ring on the ID of the Insert provides a static seal with the component that is attached to the...
    IPCOM000243476D | 2015-Sep-24
  2. 82.
    This technique defines a method to repair a primary composite structures, in particular a method to repair a primary composite structures which need to maintain an aerodynamic surface.
    IPCOM000243475D | 2015-Sep-24
  3. 83.
    To increase the reliability of the switching devices, it is therefore beneficial to reduce the above disadvantages. According to the present disclosure, a gas-insulated electric device, with the inner wall of its enclosure being at least partially coated with an adhesive medium that is acting as a particle trap, is...
    IPCOM000243474D | 2015-Sep-24
  4. 84.
    Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of access control of multiple related, but independent software systems.But the authentication session can't be shared with the existing unauthenticated pages. This disclosure proposed a method to auto-refresh existing login pages by sharing single authentication session. This method...
    IPCOM000243473D | 2015-Sep-24
  5. 85.
    Interactive user assistance during massive file system operations
    IPCOM000243472D | 2015-Sep-24
  6. 86.
    After product deployment customer reports many questions regarding product performance. They mainly ask if their product / environment is properly configured. In other words how should performance look like of particular feature taking into consideration current settings. For example: our product is doing scan of...
    IPCOM000243471D | 2015-Sep-24
  7. 87.
    The main function of an intrusion detection system is to alert the occupants of a household of a trespasser based on a set of sensors. This helps keep a house safe and prevents unwelcome intrusions or break-ins. This proposal is to ignore under certain conditions movement of an electronic chip when an intrusion...
    IPCOM000243470D | 2015-Sep-24
  8. 88.
    Consume Adaptive Content from a Content Management System in existing legacy Java Applications Modern application take advantage of powerful web content management systems to display targeted information (e.g. offers, banners, help, instructions, ...) to the end-user without recompile. This requires applications to be...
    IPCOM000243469D | 2015-Sep-24
  9. 89.
    The real-time forecast and responsive map to be installed in mobile devices can solve the problem of network disconnection with better user experience. The map is used to detect 3G/4G network connectivity within a set area/direction, send alerts to users, and trigger precautious action when the coming network...
    IPCOM000243468D | 2015-Sep-24
  10. 90.
    This disclosure provides the system and method of revising photo on real object. The photo processing operation is achived by using finger gesture on top of the real object such as face.The photo processing can be completed during taking picture.The finger can be identified via wearing color paper hat by computer.
    IPCOM000243467D | 2015-Sep-24