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    A typical shampoo formulation consists of surfactants cosurfactants conditioning polymers and further additives This article reveals shampoo compositions of surfactants cosurfactants combinations of at least 2 conditioning polymers and an oil containing microemulsion Plantasil Micro for increased oil deposition...
    IPCOM000243954D | 2015-Oct-30
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    This application note describes a mixed mode weakcation exchange solid phase extraction protocol usingEVOLUTE EXPRESS WCX 96 well plates for the extractionof three catecholamines epinephrine norepinephrine anddopamine from human plasma prior to LC MS MS detection which allows low level quantification of the...
    IPCOM000243953D | 2015-Oct-30
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    In robotics machining applications tools that are to be mounted on the robots are generally required to be drawn first to calculate robot paths and perform collision checks Normally tools are drawn based on predefined templates with which users need only to enter some specific dimensions Since it is impossible to...
    IPCOM000243952D | 2015-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is system that is integrated into the current banking system that allows a user to partition funds into multiple spending categories, thus facilitating budget monitoring.
    IPCOM000243951D | 2015-Oct-30
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    A method and system is disclosed for capturing high-quality facial images of users..
    IPCOM000243950D | 2015-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a process to trap volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emanating from any point within a server.
    IPCOM000243949D | 2015-Oct-29
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    Described is a method of age tracking of instructions in a non-shifting issue queue.
    IPCOM000243948D | 2015-Oct-29
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    Disclosed is a method for storing a separate table of contents on a storage device for discovery and browsing via Near Field Communication (NFC) or similar near field method such as RFID. Various levels of details may exist in this table from simply providing an identifying name which describes the content on the...
    IPCOM000243947D | 2015-Oct-29
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    Described is a new mechanism whereby the un-aligned partial store data can be stored into multiple Data Caches (DCaches). Un-aligned store addresses will be sent to multiple slices, and then un-aligned store data will need to be written into DCaches of the respective slices.
    IPCOM000243946D | 2015-Oct-29
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    We describe a work flow and algorithm for deghosting 2 D or 3 D seismic data via a constrained inversion approach Traditional deterministic deghosting methods are susceptible to artifacts when the deghosting operator contains errors in the modeling of the ghosting process or when noise is boosted The signal to...
    IPCOM000243945D | 2015-Oct-29