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  1. 91.
    Disclosed is a method to reduce the inlet air temperature of a system via a cold water evaporative injection. The system's air movers would pull air from a chamber where cool water would be atomized to marginally increase humidity while drastically reducing air temperature. This reduced air temperature would have...
    IPCOM000243864D | 2015-Oct-22
  2. 92.
    Disclosed is a fully integrated method for sensing pressure between the inlet and outlet of a heatsink. Furthermore, the sensor could be tied to a system's thermal management algorithm to determine the flow properties or condition of a heatsink.
    IPCOM000243863D | 2015-Oct-22
  3. 93.
    Disclosed is a timing profile which tracks tuple timings as they move through a graph of operators in a streaming application.
    IPCOM000243862D | 2015-Oct-22
  4. 94.
    Disclosed is a method for handling unplanned resets or corruption of integrated circuits that are used by computer systems to avoid undesirable behavior.
    IPCOM000243861D | 2015-Oct-22
  5. 95.
    Described is a new way to visualize session history in a browser or browser-like application. The visualization includes a tree-based view of history and a color-coding by logical topic (domain) of pages visited, using color to show the transitions from one domain to another in the browsing history.
    IPCOM000243860D | 2015-Oct-22
  6. 96.
    When drilling and cementing across highly depleted zones and weaker formations low density systems capable of reducing the hydrostatic pressure of the fluid column during the operation are required to prevent or minimize fluid loss lost circulation and other problems associated with excessive overbalance conditions...
    IPCOM000243859D | 2015-Oct-22
  7. 97.
    Disclosed is a method and system for automatically customizing a video (for example, a tutorial) by replacing compute device (such as computer, virtual machine) specific content in the video with a target compute device.
    IPCOM000243858D | 2015-Oct-22
  8. 98.
    Disclosed is a guide drone that guides a caver to safety/origination point during a return trip to the origination point.
    IPCOM000243857D | 2015-Oct-22
  9. 99.
    The method disclosed herein increases controls signals such as chip select (CS), clock enable (CKE) and ODT control (ODT) as the number of ranks increases to meet higher memory capacity demanded.
    IPCOM000243856D | 2015-Oct-22
  10. 100.
    A method and system is disclosed for managing a fleet of unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), herein after referred as drones. The system manages one or more tasks assigned to the drones and analytics performed on data collected by the drones as a part of the one or more tasks.
    IPCOM000243855D | 2015-Oct-22