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    Mechanisms and systems are provided to trace multiple Bit Forwarding Egress Routers BFERs of a Bit Index Explicit Replication BIER architecture in which multicast data packets are forwarded This allows detecting all Equal Cost Multi Paths ECMPs for a plurality of BFERs in the BIER architecture In addition ...
    IPCOM000244295D | 2015-Nov-30
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    The embodiments described herein relate to methods and systems for optimizing telematics data transfer to improve responsiveness and bandwidth usage The telematics device can be configured to transmit telematics data or a subset of priority telematics data to a remote server at a first time interval or a second time...
    IPCOM000244294D | 2015-Nov-30
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    Described is a preventative method to acclimate systems.
    IPCOM000244293D | 2015-Nov-30
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    Described is an alternative approach to controlling software source code changes in a source code control system that is both simple and statistically based. This approach is designed to replace the gatekeeper role with an algorithm that eliminates the tedium while retaining a low probability of allowing...
    IPCOM000244292D | 2015-Nov-30
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    Disclosed is a method for making a user role in a typical role-based access control system to provide more granularity and control in managing multi-tenant environments such as clouds and other shared services. This method allows more flexibility and provides a greater level of control for system administrators...
    IPCOM000244291D | 2015-Nov-30
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    Described is a method for split memory grouping at runtime in server systems.
    IPCOM000244290D | 2015-Nov-30
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    Disclosed is a novel way of virtual function (VF) and physical function (PF) communication in particular system's single root input output virtualization (SR-IOV) environment. This communication channel may be used for exchanging debug information, gathering error dump data, as well as other uses.
    IPCOM000244289D | 2015-Nov-30
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    This document describes a systym for encouraging user of social network to comment on content, which they would most likely comment on. In a social network the content feed is presented to the user, and he may create his comments, but the users are posting comments only on some of the content. We suggest to...
    IPCOM000244288D | 2015-Nov-30
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    This invention enables a better ranking of the recommended for user events in a social network. The new ranking mechanism refers to the events which were earlier attended by the user and which maybe of higher probability to be attended by the user with respect to his interests, his social connections and different...
    IPCOM000244287D | 2015-Nov-30
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    This article describes a method and mechanism for creating separate social interests profiles for each used device. The recommendation engine will use the curretnly used profile and the not used profiles to rearrange the content recommendations in the array of recommendations, which is usually based on aggregated...
    IPCOM000244286D | 2015-Nov-30