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    Disclosed is a method and system for filtering of pre bid traffic for online advertising in real time The system helps in minimizing filtering low quality and or machine generated portion of bid requests from SSPs and or ad exchanges The method assigns a traffic score to each bid in real time pre bid The...
    IPCOM000244254D | 2015-Nov-26
  2. 42.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing dynamic tags for indexing and searching of contextual screenshots The method and system utilizes content analysis platform CAP and computer vision technology to dynamically process the selected text and to predict the content of screenshots
    IPCOM000244253D | 2015-Nov-26
  3. 43.
    A multi modality inspection technique for ceramic matrix composite parts is disclosed The multi modality technique combines infra red IR with either computed tomography CT or digital radiography DR The multi modality technique provides direct measurement of diffusivity Further features or defects that one...
    IPCOM000244252D | 2015-Nov-26
  4. 44.
    A technique of reducing number of slip rings for data communication in a medical imaging system is disclosed The technique combines all three signals in a single physical data line using an encoding and decoding method A protective earth connected slip ring is used as return path for current flowing in the data line...
    IPCOM000244251D | 2015-Nov-26
  5. 45.
    A system and technique of interactive patient counseling is disclosed The interactive patient counseling system includes an in bore screen and a projector inside a MRI suite on a rear side of a magnet The projector projects images or videos on the in bore screen placed in front of a magnet bore When the patient...
    IPCOM000244250D | 2015-Nov-26
  6. 46.
    A technique that provides a wide bore illusion in an MRI scanner for reducing claustrophobia in a patient is disclosed The technique includes providing two dimensional 2D and three dimensional 3D patterns the bore of the MRI scanner to create a visual illusion of a wide bore The 2D and 3D patterns around the...
    IPCOM000244249D | 2015-Nov-26
  7. 47.
    A technique for constructing a modular prefabricated and optimized magnetic resonance MR scan room is disclosed Glass or transparent nonmetallic substrates are used for manufacturing a radiofrequency RF shield panel The RF shield panel is used to construct a RF shielded volume in the MR scan room A layer of...
    IPCOM000244248D | 2015-Nov-26
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    IPCOM000244247D | 2015-Nov-25
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    IPCOM000244246D | 2015-Nov-25
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    IPCOM000244245D | 2015-Nov-25