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  1. 81.
    Today, due to the wide usage of digital camera and large storage, people have huge amounts of photos on personal devices or cloud storage. Photo retrieval become a challenge. Existing photo retrieval products mainly focus on face recognition. However, sometimes a user may be interested in photos containing a...
    IPCOM000244213D | 2015-Nov-24
  2. 82.
    Tires are one of the most stressed components in general aviation aircraft Tires used in the aircraft carry the entire weight of the aircraft The aviation industry records several accidents due to incomplete monitoring of tires The tires of the aircraft undergo severe stress due to changing mass and exposure to...
    IPCOM000244212D | 2015-Nov-24
  3. 83.
    In this article, a new method of rental and return public bicycle is introduced. In this method, the cellphone is designed as "virtual" public rental station. Using the cellphone, users can exchange the rental information of the bicycle by scanning each other's metro card, so that the hand-over of rental bicycle...
    IPCOM000244211D | 2015-Nov-24
  4. 84.
    This invention discloses a method to manage the multiple target data backup for mobile devices and to restore the latest backup data at the time of disaster. The timestamp is inserted among the write commands to identify the latest backup image from all the remote storage when restoring data. Reference count and...
    IPCOM000244210D | 2015-Nov-24
  5. 85.
    This disclosure discloses an air pollutant real-time and forecast data curve interaction method based on the needing in the air pollutant area while lots of data are used to shown air quality information, and users want to do some actions in curves in order to find useful info to make their decision. Considering...
    IPCOM000244209D | 2015-Nov-24
  6. 86.
    This invention proposes an optimized content based video control method for certain display devices with an effective sensor. We use eyeball sensor as sample, and construct a schema based on eyeball count, “get away” time, video steam frame size with two adaptive threshold(valid “get away”time and the critical...
    IPCOM000244208D | 2015-Nov-24
  7. 87.
    An interactive presentation system is disclosed in this invention. With this invention, the audiences' reaction to the presentation can be observed and analyzed automatically. The presenter can get the feedback in real-time and then seamlessly adjust the pace or provide hints to audience to help them understand.
    IPCOM000244207D | 2015-Nov-24
  8. 88.
    This disclosure describes a method to deploy the location based servers naming convention in the distributed system, usually a bunch of servers or a cluster/cloud in datacenter. Using this method, the system admin could predefine the location-based naming convention of the servers based on the servers' inventory...
    IPCOM000244206D | 2015-Nov-24
  9. 89.
    In offhost backup backup processing is offloaded to the backup host which reduces the impact on the Virtual Machine VM and or hypervisor resources caused by local backup However there are certain challenges in a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization RHEV environment to achieve this efficiently for multiple VMs ...
    IPCOM000244204D | 2015-Nov-23
  10. 90.
    This solution uses reverse mapping information of the image file for rehydration during Instant Recovery of a virtual machine VM Based on the offsets of IO requests and by using reverse mapping information hot files will be identified The blocks for hot files will be fetched on priority during rehydration...
    IPCOM000244203D | 2015-Nov-23