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    Disclosed is a standardized bar coded label for products, which includes complex information that is processed using analytics to help customers and distributors with specific needs. For example, in food products, when paired with a user¡¯s smart device, the device can either directly perform analytics or use a third...
    IPCOM000244635D | 2015-Dec-31
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    Disclosed is an annotation framework and processor extension that adds a wealth of functionality to the Restful Application Programming Interface (API) framework; the particular focus is on non-user parameters.
    IPCOM000244634D | 2015-Dec-31
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    A method and system is disclosed for viewing an internal structure and components of an opaque surface using augmented reality devices.
    IPCOM000244633D | 2015-Dec-30
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    Disclosed is a system to implement a policy guided service catalog that automatically configures the service offerings in the catalog by filtering and aggregating available services, taking into account existing policies, user workload, and user preferences, and then allowing the users to make the final selection...
    IPCOM000244632D | 2015-Dec-30
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    Disclosed is a splittable mobile device. When the parts are interlocked, the device is singular; the once-split portions act as an individual device with different functionalities. When separated, the two parts perform independent functions, but continue to communicate and synchronize with each other.
    IPCOM000244631D | 2015-Dec-30
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    A method and system is disclosed for enabling a drone to maintain balance while delivering multiple products to various destination points along a route for optimal flying and preservation of energy.
    IPCOM000244630D | 2015-Dec-30
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    Disclosed is a method and system for virtualization of Sensor, Bricks and Actuators.
    IPCOM000244629D | 2015-Dec-30
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    IPCOM000244628D | 2015-Dec-30
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    A method to detect and schedule query workload as none-transaction in a transaction processing system is disclosed. The method includes identifying query workload based upon resource access history, maintaining a query transaction list table, and scheduling the query workload as a none transaction thread where no...
    IPCOM000244627D | 2015-Dec-30
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    This invention proposes a novel way to get back passwords by using NFC tags. The main concept is to save encrypted passwords in NFC tags, and the clear password can be returned if the user passes the fingerprint validating. The key ideas of this invention are: with a NFC tag based method for getting back...
    IPCOM000244626D | 2015-Dec-30