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  1. 101.
    Disclosed is an email-filtering management tool that is active when the ¡°Out-of-Office¡± function is in use. This tool saves in the user¡¯s inbox only emails that require an action or immediate review by the recipient upon return to work.
    IPCOM000244534D | 2015-Dec-18
  2. 102.
    Disclosed is a cognitive pattern-based method for designing and expediting business and IT solutions that comprises a solution engine that collects, assembles, and analyzes the existing data of current configuration tools to access information about hardware and software configurations, the associated costs, and labor...
    IPCOM000244533D | 2015-Dec-18
  3. 103.
    Disclosed is a means of correlating build breaks to points-of-origin in complex coding environments with multiple dependencies. The net effect is reduced time and expense in debugging code and improved overall business performance for the adopting organization.
    IPCOM000244532D | 2015-Dec-18
  4. 104.
    Disclosed is a system to lower the technical threshold for business intelligence reporting in order to facilitate easier development of high performing reports. The novel solution is to use a framework that is built into the report-rendering engine and is designed to provide an interactive performance assistance...
    IPCOM000244531D | 2015-Dec-18
  5. 105.
    Disclosed is a data center cooling technology that works through workload management in a cloud environment and uses heatmaps to handle temperature variations or failure scenarios.
    IPCOM000244530D | 2015-Dec-18
  6. 106.
    Disclosed is a method and system for triple factor authentication to ensure the security of user data. Incorporating a user layer and a cloud layer in the design, the idea is to use a non-repudiable, non-refutable, and non-reputable device, application, or method to uniquely identify an entity.
    IPCOM000244529D | 2015-Dec-18
  7. 107.
    Method and apparatus for mobile device recharge reminders when a mobile device is close to a charger and there is a risk that battery level is not good enough to access the next charging place based on statistics and user's habits.
    IPCOM000244528D | 2015-Dec-18
  8. 108.
    Hardware Debugging deals with finding root cause of functional bugs found in hardware design. The key idea of this publication is the proposed method to calculate a verification constraint or condition based on Design under Verification (DUV) and the particular functional bug to be debugged; using software GUI...
    IPCOM000244527D | 2015-Dec-18
  9. 109.
    This new interaction technique could effectively reduces the distraction of showing QR codes on screens and makes it more friendly to be scanned. Advertisers could also customize their own metadata to be collected when users scan the QR codes and launch the web pages.
    IPCOM000244526D | 2015-Dec-18
  10. 110.
    This article describes a method to handle the email attachment on a central storage so that email users can receive/reply emails without having to send the attachement along with the email body. This can reduce the overhead of storing duplicated attachments in each email recipients inbox.
    IPCOM000244525D | 2015-Dec-18