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  1. 111.
    A method and system is disclosed for performing cognitive analysis on unstructured data from social media for alerting about predicted changes and providing recommended actions to relevant parties/entities.
    IPCOM000244524D | 2015-Dec-17
  2. 112.
    Disclosed is a method to control user access to data in a graph store by computing query results based on filtering quads in a graph store when users have access controls in place to view data.
    IPCOM000244523D | 2015-Dec-17
  3. 113.
    Disclosed is a virtual braille keyboard with electrovibration (haptic) feedback that enables a blind user to navigate and select keys from a virtual keyboard by touch/feel.
    IPCOM000244522D | 2015-Dec-17
  4. 114.
    A method preserves the color highlighted region of a scanned document, without impact to the quality of the underlying text. After the color highlighted region has been extracted using previously disclosed technology, a separate plane within the multi-raster content (MRC) file structure is used to carry the...
    IPCOM000244521D | 2015-Dec-17
  5. 115.
    A limitation in fax technology is addressed by a mechanism for improving the security methods used to send confidential documents to the intended receiver. The sender is allowed to assign some authentication code(s) and send it through other communication channels to the receiver. The faxed document would be saved in...
    IPCOM000244520D | 2015-Dec-17
  6. 116.
    This publication pertains to a diameter conversion kit for use with Heat Activated Adhesive (HAA) and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) cover tapes. The HAA and PSA cover tapes diameter conversion kit is designed to have three slots for inserting a metal plate into the cover tape plate and then use a knurl for...
    IPCOM000244519D | 2015-Dec-17
  7. 117.
    In this invention, we consider the problem of online learning of optimal control for repeatedly operated systems in the presence of parametric uncertainty. During each round of operation, environment selects a parameter from a fixed but unknown probability distribution. This parameter governs the dynamics of a plant....
    IPCOM000244518D | 2015-Dec-17
  8. 118.
    The process disclosed is to immerse a 3D-printed part in water and apply microwaves to heat and change the phase of (i.e. melt) support material to facilitate its removal; this removes the majority of the support material from around the part much faster than in a conventional oven, significantly reducing...
    IPCOM000244517D | 2015-Dec-17
  9. 119.
    A Personal (Data Based) Navigation Recommender – "PerNav" -- includes a ubiquitous, non-intrusive and seamless routing of personal recommendations via health monitoring through an efficiently combined, real time sourcing of the user's health, wallet and media related activity, in particular: (i) Using concepts of...
    IPCOM000244516D | 2015-Dec-17
  10. 120.
    This publication pertains to a molded plastic part design that allows a flat cable to form a different shape in order to go through a limited size channel. The molded plastic part design also includes features that form and redefine the flat cable.
    IPCOM000244515D | 2015-Dec-17