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  1. 121.
    Current DFE ("Digital Front End", i.e., the software associated with sending color image data to a digital printer) user defined spot color recipe designation schemes (such as FFPS Spot Color Editor) allow for one designation for all objects types (e.g., text, graphics). The user defined recipes are mainly used when a...
    IPCOM000244514D | 2015-Dec-17
  2. 122.
    When using Bayesian networks for predictive purposes, the Bayesian theory calls for using all the possible models, i.e., model averaging, instead of just finding a single best model. Earlier studies have demonstrated how one can efficiently use (nearly) all the subnetworks of a single good network for prediction. This...
    IPCOM000244513D | 2015-Dec-17
  3. 123.
    A low cost solution for traffic prediction using the data available on social media and other sources like weather and news reports. The social media posts are one of the useful information providers describing the sentiments of the user about a particular topic (here, traffic problems at certain location). Traffic...
    IPCOM000244512D | 2015-Dec-17
  4. 124.
    This disclosure proposes a printing user interface that would allow a user to select multiple documents to be printed in duplex mode such that instead of leaving blank the back side of the last page of a document with an odd number of pages, the first page of the next document would be printed on that side. A similar...
    IPCOM000244511D | 2015-Dec-17
  5. 125.
    A smartphone app for reporting issues and initiating support for service issues and remote fix of office equipment (MFP, printer, copiers, etc.). The app benefits from NOT requiring a direct connection to the MFP, therefore greatly simplifying app configuration given common business network access constraints /...
    IPCOM000244510D | 2015-Dec-17
  6. 126.
    A new method for automated estimation of wheal size from skin prick test images. The method consists of two phases: a) wheal segmentation from captured images and b) estimating the diameter of the detected wheal in physical units. In the first stage of the segmentation, we perform a color transformation from RGB to...
    IPCOM000244509D | 2015-Dec-17
  7. 127.
    The proposal offers a feature in a multifunction device (digital printer or copier) whereby when the controller receives a document it checks to see if the document is a Letter or invoice and then checks to see if Letterhead is loaded in the system. If the system is out of letterhead stock then it will go to another...
    IPCOM000244508D | 2015-Dec-17
  8. 128.
    The amount of spatial trajectory data is growing faster than ever with the rapid increased availa-bility of GPS embedded mobile devices in vehicles. In this work, we address the problem of learning statistical spatio-temporal models for inferring possible traversed routes focusing on low sampling rate trajectory data....
    IPCOM000244507D | 2015-Dec-17
  9. 129.
    Skin prick test is a commonly used method for diagnosis of allergic diseases (e.g., pollen allergy, food allergy, etc.) in allergy clinics. The results of this test are erythema and wheal provoked on the skin where the test is applied. The sensitivity of the patient against a specific allergen is determined by the...
    IPCOM000244506D | 2015-Dec-17
  10. 130.
    For subsea developments in which the wells are tied back to an operated-by-other (OBO) production platform, obtaining regular samples of the produced fluids from each of the individual wells can be challenging because the operator of the platform has the final decision on when and how often the fluids from a...
    IPCOM000244505D | 2015-Dec-17