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    IPCOM000244504D | 2015-Dec-17
  2. 132.
    IPCOM000244503D | 2015-Dec-17
  3. 133.
    Performance demands are ever increasing on tires, with a specific demand on fuel economy, tire tread life, and traction. Unfortunately, current technologies to improve one of these aspects have a detrimental impact on one or more of the other properties. Here, is it shown that hydrogenated resins have a significant...
    IPCOM000244502D | 2015-Dec-17
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    IPCOM000244501D | 2015-Dec-17
  5. 135.
    This paper describes a new pattern superposed on the ground of a synthetic scene displayed by an aircraft synthetic vision system
    IPCOM000244500D | 2015-Dec-17
  6. 136.
    In the current mobile phones, if the user doesn't save the phone number, it's difficult to recall what the phone number is only according to the known call records function. Therefore, we propose a new facility function that can assist user easily find the un-saved phone number of the person they need to connect...
    IPCOM000244499D | 2015-Dec-17
  7. 137.
    A smart way is used in this disclosure to adjust video player stickiness based on individual behavior: Once user try to farword a video, the system will get and analyze next scenario to identify its class with the scenario classification table, map next scenario with user preference that is the well-defined...
    IPCOM000244498D | 2015-Dec-17
  8. 138.
    It is normally hard for the receiver or the mail room stuff to locate an individual package because they are all alike in a box shape. And the receivers themselfs or those stuff may have to pick every package to examine the names/phone number to find it. This article proposes a method, by converting the bill id...
    IPCOM000244497D | 2015-Dec-17
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    Rapid pace of current society requires people to continuously learning while doing their regular jobs, which leads to fragment time usage. People may utilize the spare fragment time during their work to do some reading so that they will not be sifted out. When a higher priority job comes up, they may have to pause...
    IPCOM000244496D | 2015-Dec-17
  10. 140.
    Described is a method to prune debug dumps and error logs on a service processor to create space to accommodate more dumps.
    IPCOM000244495D | 2015-Dec-16