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  1. 141.
    Described is a device with a moving rotor that transmits signals to a stator using lights at some wavelength (visible, infrared, UV, etc.). These lights are lit/extinguished in a pattern, with timing algorithms to distinguish which sensor should detect which light source.
    IPCOM000244494D | 2015-Dec-16
  2. 142.
    VMWare's VDDK is not multi-path aware and can cause backup jobs, from backup systems, to fail when a single path fails out of multiple available paths. This publication presents idea solution to bridge VDDK and Veritas Storage Foundation and provide multi-pathing capabilities to backup systems.
    IPCOM000244493D | 2015-Dec-16
  3. 143.
    Flow meters that operate in battery supply environments need to consume as little power as possible that allow it to function properly so that high energy efficiency is achieved. However, in real situations, flow meters always sample the sensors at full speed, which consumes a lot of redundant power, and in...
    IPCOM000244492D | 2015-Dec-16
  4. 144.
    The number of pads on semiconductor devices has increased greatly over the years. However, due to limited test channels and test cost pressures, not all pads can be contacted by ATE, and the unconnected pads can't be covered during test. On the other hand, it's required that test parallelism should be increased to...
    IPCOM000244491D | 2015-Dec-16
  5. 145.
    An efficient control system and method for allowing a solar farm to operate in a black start mode is disclosed. A system implementing the disclosed method is provided with a number of individual panel units 1, 2, 3, …n. The system consists of two sections: a DC-DC boost converter and a DC-AC inverter, with a common DC...
    IPCOM000244490D | 2015-Dec-16
  6. 146.
    [0001] This disclosure relates to "labyrinth" seals which are a type of noncontact seal used between two rotating elements or a rotating element and a stationary element, for example in gas turbine engines. A labyrinth seal includes one or more thin annular flanges often referred to as "seal teeth". Described herein...
    IPCOM000244489D | 2015-Dec-16
  7. 147.
    IPCOM000244488D | 2015-Dec-16
  8. 148.
    IPCOM000244487D | 2015-Dec-16
  9. 149.
    Software discovery based on installed software directories and files hash sum drill down method for reliable and accurate software asset management
    IPCOM000244486D | 2015-Dec-16
  10. 150.
    The present Publication relates to a two methods of producing a recombinant polypeptide in a filamentous fungus which is genetically modified to decrease or eliminate the activity of CLR1 (Part 1) or CLR2 (Part 2) and to express said recombinant polypeptides. The method further relates to a filamentous fungus...
    IPCOM000244485D | 2015-Dec-16