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  1. 11.
    This document provides a harmonized framework for the security of mobile payments
    IPCOM000244625D | Original Publication Date: 2013-Nov-01
  2. 12.
    A Full report on the Canadian Payments system as of September 2010.
    IPCOM000244624D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Sep-01
  3. 13.
    Exploration of the challenges and solutions to the EMV migration in the Us.
    IPCOM000244623D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jan-01
  4. 14.
    This document a history of the implementations in the Uk and Canada
    IPCOM000244622D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Nov-11
  5. 15.
    This document investigates the use of card skimmers for EMV
    IPCOM000244621D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jan-01
  6. 16.
    Report on EMV rollout in the US based on lessons learned in other jurisdictions
    IPCOM000244620D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jun-01
  7. 17.
    Identifiaction a a flaw in EMV PIN's where a payment can be made without known the card's PIN
    IPCOM000244619D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-01
  8. 18.
    Canadian Telecomunication companies have provided a bried to the House of Commons Finance Committee on Mobile payments.
    IPCOM000244618D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Feb-13
  9. 19.
    Quick description sheet of EMV enabled interact Flash, a contactless payment system based on the EMV chip
    IPCOM000244617D | Original Publication Date: 2015-Jan-01
  10. 20.
    Disclosed is a method and system to assist users of multiple networked wireless devices in maintaining system and software updates and protecting the same from vulnerabilities. The solution system creates a stream of data from multiple appropriate manufacturer sites, social sites, and blogs that details potential...
    IPCOM000244616D | 2015-Dec-30