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    Everyday we have lots of documents and files to handle. When we write some new documents and want to check some other documents as reference, the switch between new created documents and reference documents and files is very exhausting. Sometimes when we write new documents we search information in Internet and in...
    IPCOM000244595D | 2015-Dec-24
  2. 42.
    IPCOM000244594D | 2015-Dec-23
  3. 43.
    A process and system for removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas using membranes is disclosed. The process comprises providing a separation unit (1) with a membrane (2) selectively permeable to carbon dioxide over methane (CH4), the membrane defining a permeate route (3) and a retentate route (4) through the...
    IPCOM000244593D | 2015-Dec-23
  4. 44.
    A subsea converter module (1) for a subsea power system has an input (2), an output, an arrangement (3) configured to deliver a direct voltage to a plurality of inverters (5-8) configured to deliver an alter-nating voltage on said output to a subsea consumer (10) of electric power. A control unit (9) is configured to...
    IPCOM000244592D | 2015-Dec-23
  5. 45.
    A subsea power system comprises a subsea transformer (1) with a primary winding (2) thereof connected to a high or medium alternating voltage network, a secondary winding (4) thereof connected to a first power distribution system (6) and a further winding (5) thereof 5 connected to a further power distribution system...
    IPCOM000244591D | 2015-Dec-23
  6. 46.
    The present invention relates to a control unit (6) for controlling a system comprising one or more devices (1a‐b, 2a‐b, 3), each device having at least one control loop (4a‐f) for controlling the device based on a set point value (S1 – S5). The control 5 unit is adapted to receive measured values of system parameters...
    IPCOM000244590D | 2015-Dec-23
  7. 47.
    Using an auxiliary table in a data center switch, compression of addresses can be achieved and scalability obtained without increasing the size of expensive lookup tables. A prefix-based Internet Protocol (IP) address is stored in the lookup tables instead of the host route, and the auxiliary table is used to mask...
    IPCOM000244589D | 2015-Dec-23
  8. 48.
    Process for preparation of Trientine dihydrochloride salt (I by circumventing the formation of the corresponding tetrahydrochloride salt.
    IPCOM000244588D | 2015-Dec-23
  9. 49.
    Object Oriented Programming is one of the most popular paradigms in programming languages. In these languages, the data entities are represented by objects that have attributes and methods. Attributes can hold values of primitive or of complex types, or can reference other objects. The objects together with...
    IPCOM000244587D | 2015-Dec-23
  10. 50.
    Use of 3rd Party implementations of SPI (Service Provider Interfaces) can be a risk to the infrastructure. The solution disclosed provides a mechanism to verify that an implementation of an interface meets all the requirements of the SPI. Once the implementation is proven a mechanism is provided to allow the...
    IPCOM000244586D | 2015-Dec-23