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    As projectors become more pervasive there has been a large push to minimise the size of the hardware required. As the technology shrinks further it will be possible to create mobile projectors that are part of phones, or trivial to carry with a phone (e.g. in a case). A simple USB connection is enough for...
    IPCOM000244585D | 2015-Dec-23
  2. 52.
    In this article, we propose a framework of cognitive code quality measurement. The core idea is to leverage the relations between emotions and behaviors via cognition to identify the potential failure-causing codes. Mobile devices will be used to monitor developer emotion data, and then upload to backend emtion...
    IPCOM000244584D | 2015-Dec-23
  3. 53.
    IUCV is a communication protocol between virtual machines provided by the z/VM operating system. This article provides a method for providing Java APIs into the IUCV protocol, and integrating the protocol's pre-authentication feature with an existing security paradigm in an existing product.
    IPCOM000244583D | 2015-Dec-23
  4. 54.
    By storing a set of photographs, of a single site/location, as a video the storage requirements can be dramatically reduced.
    IPCOM000244582D | 2015-Dec-23
  5. 55.
    This article describes a way in which a user wearing headphones can be alerted of relevant notices suggested by their day by day actions.
    IPCOM000244581D | 2015-Dec-23
  6. 56.
    Web applications often encode the user language, or the language of the rendered content in the URLs. These URLs may be shared by the application users to other users, who have different language preferences. It can be that the user is openning a link, and the results are presented in a langauge, he cannot...
    IPCOM000244580D | 2015-Dec-23
  7. 57.
    We propose a system to solve the problem of how to visualize and compare video clips, with focus on the temporal flow of video clips with multi-dimensional attributes. An example for such multi-dimensional attributes of a video can be a video of a scientific experiment where the multi-dimensional attributes are...
    IPCOM000244579D | 2015-Dec-23
  8. 58.
    Balanced to unbalanced networks (balun) are a basic building block in RFICs, such as radio transceiver (for communication), imaging or RADAR. Typically, balun networks are limited to frequency band, while designing a distributed amplifier, or a wide band element such as a detector, a mixer or a multiplier, balun...
    IPCOM000244578D | 2015-Dec-23
  9. 59.
    Generating documents out of engineering models is a key capability for model based systems and software engineering. One approach to provide this capability is Model-Based Document Generation (MBDG) in which the user models the document while making references to the engineering models for rendering content in the...
    IPCOM000244577D | 2015-Dec-23
  10. 60.
    Cognitive computing systems are continuously entering new domains of cognition and target new applications. Yet, the most unique attributes of human cognition, Creativity and Invention, remain out of products scope. Existing approaches for efficiency improvement of invention process, such as Systematic Innovation,...
    IPCOM000244576D | 2015-Dec-23