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Month of December 2015 - Page Number 7

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  1. 61.
    An apparatus for preventing damage to an ultrasound probe that may be caused due to unintended drop by a user during scanning and movement is disclosed. The apparatus is attached externally onto the ultrasound probe such that there is no modification to an existing probe design. The apparatus has a self retracting...
    IPCOM000244575D | 2015-Dec-23
  2. 62.
    IPCOM000244574D | 2015-Dec-23
  3. 63.
    A technique utilizing complete micro quick response (QR) code or segmented QR code for tracking a scintillator pack is disclosed. The complete micro QR code and the segmented QR code are applied on the scintillator reflector in order to track a scintillator pack definitely and throughout a detector manufacturing...
    IPCOM000244573D | 2015-Dec-23
  4. 64.
    When driving a car, the driver has no better ways to know the driving habits of the cars nearby. This disclosure discloses a method to gether real-time driving data from the cars nearby, send the data to a central server, the server will then gether static data of that car, calculate its danger coefficient and...
    IPCOM000244572D | 2015-Dec-23
  5. 65.
    A method to compute mutual K-Nearest Neigbours (NN) in a linear time. Comparing two elements x,y, the method requires, additionally to the traditional K-NN, that the element x also belongs to the K-NN of y. The method is used in a categorization task.
    IPCOM000244571D | 2015-Dec-22
  6. 66.
    IPCOM000244570D | 2015-Dec-22
  7. 67.
    IPCOM000244569D | 2015-Dec-22
  8. 68.
    IPCOM000244568D | 2015-Dec-22
  9. 69.
    This disclosure shows an array scrub adaptive adjustment system. This system has two part: “Predictive adjustment” and “Real-time adjustment “. 1) Predictive adjustment is based on historical IO statistic regularity and according to some regularity pattern, scrub manager can adjust the scrub rate ahead of heavy IO...
    IPCOM000244567D | 2015-Dec-22
  10. 70.
    With the rapid growth of mobile technology, mobile phone becomes the most popular communication device in daily life. People usually receive phone call in any environment, maybe noisy or quiet. But when user receives a phone call, the speaker or headset of the mobile phone keeps the same call volume. User can not...
    IPCOM000244566D | 2015-Dec-22