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  1. 71.
    Embodiments of the present invention are directed generally toward a printed temporary adhesive used to temporarily secure articles to a carrier, such as a label to a backing. Generally, a part with adhesive, like a label, is temporarily anchored to the carrier atop a silicone release coating. The part is held in...
    IPCOM000244565D | 2015-Dec-21
  2. 72.
    Print quality with a printer is dependent upon a number of factors ranging from printhead temperature in a thermal printer, print speed, printhead pressure, etc. While print speed and printhead temperature can be software controlled, printhead pressure adjustment is generally a manual process. However, printhead...
    IPCOM000244564D | 2015-Dec-21
  3. 73.
    Processing of the media substrates is generally performed sequentially such that a first media substrate is processed, and fed to the tear-bar whereupon the first media substrate is separated from the continuous stream of media substrates by a user or applicator in a "hand-off" process. Subsequently, the continuous...
    IPCOM000244563D | 2015-Dec-21
  4. 74.
    Media processing devices may be capable of performing various operations on various types of media; however, media processing devices may not perform all operations completely autonomously. Some events, operations, or functions of a media processing device may require user input, while other events, operations, or...
    IPCOM000244562D | 2015-Dec-21
  5. 75.
    Location sensors have been designed to accommodate tens of thousands of tags as it has been thought that eventually systems would scale to a plethora of inexpensive tags and few sensors. The sensors were made to be sophisticated to enable the tag technology cost to be driven down with volume. To that end, tags blink...
    IPCOM000244561D | 2015-Dec-21
  6. 76.
    Printers and media processing devices often operate on proprietary software languages. A first format for printing in a first brand of device may not be compatible with a second format for printing on a second brand of device. It may be desirable to have a system to translate formats between various printer languages.
    IPCOM000244560D | 2015-Dec-21
  7. 77.
    Example embodiments of the present invention provide a new system for monitoring and tracking patients, medications, and equipment within a healthcare facility. A patient, upon admittance to a hospital or healthcare facility (e.g., nursing home, out-patient surgery facility, etc.), can receive or be associated with a...
    IPCOM000244559D | 2015-Dec-21
  8. 78.
    The present invention is directed to ribbon sensors within a media processing device. Media processing devices may use ribbons for transfer printing, direct thermal printing, laminating, etc. The use of ribbons generally requires sensors to detect the ribbon presence and to detect various characteristics of the...
    IPCOM000244558D | 2015-Dec-21
  9. 79.
    Media processing devices, such as printers, may include an enclosure that is configured to provide an efficient, space-saving footprint to enable the media processing device to be placed in more confined spaces, such as kiosks, workstations, or other areas where space is limited.
    IPCOM000244557D | 2015-Dec-21
  10. 80.
    In devices such as thermal printers, a significant amount of the energy consumed is used to heat the printhead. The degree to which the printhead is heated can be a factor of the type of media that is being used in the thermal printer. For example, certain labels and ribbons can significantly reduce the amount of...
    IPCOM000244556D | 2015-Dec-21