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    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically executing inheritance of characters (avatars) in virtual world based on social contacts.
    IPCOM000244923D | 2016-Jan-29
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    Disclosed is an automated process to improve the results of automatic speech recognition (ASR) in mobile applications when the user speaks English with the accent of another language. The system accepts speech and word input from users with native accents, stores various speech samples of the same English word or...
    IPCOM000244922D | 2016-Jan-29
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    The proposed solution is an integrated system to perform automatic inspections for a LNG module train.
    IPCOM000244921D | 2016-Jan-29
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    The publication is relative to new aircraft's electrical architectures permitting to obtain regulated voltages on busbars of an aircraft. A first architecture permits to obtain two regulated high voltage outputs (+/- 270VDC) from a single generator. The regulation of the first output is done by a first control loop...
    IPCOM000244920D | 2016-Jan-29
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    This publication describes a method for provisioning or associating a strong second-factor authentication (2FA) credential for a user account in an enterprise virtual private network (VPN) authentication set-up.
    IPCOM000244919D | 2016-Jan-29
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    A structure for disrupting the flow of a fluid, the structure comprising: (a) a first lateral wall and a second lateral wall spaced apart from one another, yet joined, by a floor; (b) a partial turbulator extending between the first lateral wall and the second lateral wall, the turbulator extending away from the...
    IPCOM000244918D | 2016-Jan-29
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    This publication proposes a way to perform web authentication securely when under attack from deceiving URLs or compromised root or subordinate certificate authorities. The solution uses an approach similar to Diffie-Hellman, but eliminating the possibility of the man-in-the-middle attack. The solution further...
    IPCOM000244917D | 2016-Jan-29
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    This solution provides improved heuristics when calculating a user's browse time.
    IPCOM000244916D | 2016-Jan-29
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    This publication describes a solution to provide a user with a report of a potentially risky application, and further, if the user still wants to execute the application locally, this solution will give user a chance to revert all changes introduced by the application and allow a software security provider to collect...
    IPCOM000244915D | 2016-Jan-29
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    This publication describes a method to determine a set of event trails, starting from the event that was responsible for a state change in a protected asset and going backwards towards the event that was created from an external entity. The set of event trails thus formed will be processed to find their criticality...
    IPCOM000244914D | 2016-Jan-29