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    This publication describes a method for enabling and controlling access to Wi-Fi networks in business establishments (such as hotels) that are protected by cloud based second factor authentication (2FA).
    IPCOM000244913D | 2016-Jan-29
  2. 12.
    This solution describes authenticating mobile devices and security servers connecting to automobiles using multi-factor user authentication before accepting service commands. This solution can be used to secure automobiles from being hacked via Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) based war texting attacks.
    IPCOM000244912D | 2016-Jan-29
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    IPCOM000244911D | 2016-Jan-29
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    A structured meshing method is provided for computational fluid dynamics ("CFD") analysis of turbomachinery components. Algorithms are developed to morph the mesh of an existing/baseline axisymmetric design onto a non-axisymmetric geometry surface of a new design. As the mesh is not re-generated, the morphing is very...
    IPCOM000244910D | 2016-Jan-28
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    IPCOM000244909D | 2016-Jan-28
  6. 16.
    IPCOM000244908D | 2016-Jan-28
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    Disclosed is the use of new cosmetic ingredients in suncare and daily care compositions referring to aerosol sprays with film formers (9)
    IPCOM000244907D | 2016-Jan-28
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    Disclosed is the use of new cosmetic ingredients in suncare and daily care compositions. (8)
    IPCOM000244906D | 2016-Jan-28
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    This publication describes a method of irradiating a chromatography column using gamma radiation. In order to reduce the adverse impact of gamma irradiation on the chromatography gel or resin (capacity loss), the resin is irradiated in dry state when already filled inside the column. The method allows for a...
    IPCOM000244905D | 2016-Jan-28
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    Many low cost Single‐Use (SU) liquid flow meters have a limited operating range, typically smaller than the operating range needed. This publication records that it has been found that two or more flow meters arranged in parallel via a manifold can be selected for sensing depending on the amount of flow, or the range...
    IPCOM000244904D | 2016-Jan-28