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    Many industries (e.g., banking, telecom) heavily rely on IT systems to provide business services to huge users. However, lots of IT issues would happen in enterprise IT environments, which not only largely degrades users' satisfactory but also affects enterprises' revenue. To help enterprise accounts to better...
    IPCOM000244873D | 2016-Jan-25
  2. 52.
    Chat applications have become an effective way of communication. Typically, in a group chat with many participants, not every ping is directed to all the users in a chat. Our novel disclosed mechanism provides the way to notify users only when they are referenced in a chat session, so that they can multitask while...
    IPCOM000244872D | 2016-Jan-25
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    Collaboration solutions often combine email and chat technologies into a single experience. One benefit of doing this is to enable chat status awareness within views designed for handling email. A user reading an email can immediately see if someone is online and quickly initiate a chat discussion. Chat...
    IPCOM000244871D | 2016-Jan-25
  4. 54.
    IPCOM000244870D | 2016-Jan-25
  5. 55.
    A mobile phone auto mute function is introduced in this article for multiple person call conference.
    IPCOM000244869D | 2016-Jan-25
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    VistamaxxTM Performance Polymers are semicrystalline copolymers of propylene and ethylene. Produced using proprietary metallocene catalyst technology, VistamaxxTM polymers have a unique and uniform inter- and intramolecular composition and crystallinity distribution. The use of VistamaxxTM in rotomolded parts made...
    IPCOM000244868D | 2016-Jan-22
  7. 57.
    Disclosed is a tool for vetting potentially successful ideas to develop into intellectual capital. An organization uses this novel tool to take an idea through the prioritized business related outcomes and capture the full value of an idea.
    IPCOM000244867D | 2016-Jan-22
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    Disclosed is a system and method that dynamically control the specifications of the airfoil affixed to the top of a semi-truck cab. Based on environmental factors such as air pressure and wind speed, as well as preset data about the vehicle, the system automatically changes the orientation of the airfoil to...
    IPCOM000244866D | 2016-Jan-22
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    A method and system is disclosed for updating a functional account password with zero down time by utilizing two or more functional accounts with identical privileges but with offset expiration.
    IPCOM000244865D | 2016-Jan-22
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    The bit depth resp. ROP measurement are one of the most important drilling information, since it's used to reference all other drilling measurements. This idea describes a method to measure the bit depth and ROP downhole close to the bit.
    IPCOM000244864D | 2016-Jan-22