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  1. 61.
    High availability systems and methods are described for LAGs using LACP without hardware assistance. State machines of the LACP standard (IEEE 802.3ad) are enhanced to handle restart Information. An RX state machine is modified to handle restart information sent in an LACP PDU frame to change the current while...
    IPCOM000244863D | 2016-Jan-22
  2. 62.
    A method and system is disclosed for predicting impact on lifestyle of a user relocating to a new location based on data gathered from Internet of Things (IoT) and one or more social networking sites.
    IPCOM000244862D | 2016-Jan-22
  3. 63.
    Disclosed is a method and device for simultaneously monitoring a data center environment and hardware failure. The method and device monitors data center environment to track failure rate of IT hardware such as servers, hard drives, and power supplies and correlates the hardware failure to environmental...
    IPCOM000244861D | 2016-Jan-22
  4. 64.
    The present disclosure provides a process for the preparation of rosuvastatin calcium.
    IPCOM000244859D | 2016-Jan-22
  5. 65.
    The present disclosure provides a pharmaceutical formulation comprising regorafenib, vitamin E TPGS, and optionally one or more pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. It further provides processes for the preparation of said pharmaceutical formulation.
    IPCOM000244858D | 2016-Jan-22
  6. 66.
    The present disclosure provides a process for preparing a pharmaceutical formulation comprising: (i) loading a drug into a granulator; (ii) heating the granulator to partially melt the drug; (iii) granulating the remaining drug with the partially melted drug of step (ii); and (iv) processing the granules of step (iii)...
    IPCOM000244857D | 2016-Jan-22
  7. 67.
    Disclosed is a Technical Advice System, which is a social application that provides technical advice and guidance to software users. The system offers users quick access to pre-populated technical guidance/notifications about the software.
    IPCOM000244856D | 2016-Jan-22
  8. 68.
    A method and system is disclosed for transferring data between smart devices using bump technology and device orientation. The method and system utilizes compass included in both sender’s (first) smart device and receiver’s (second) smart device to detect device orientations and transfer different files using...
    IPCOM000244855D | 2016-Jan-22
  9. 69.
    Wear is a concern in big multi-disc wet brakes used in big equipment. As wear on the friction surfaces increases, piston travel will increase as well, which means the system has to be capable of supplying a big amount of oil to the pressure chamber in order to maintain the braking performance throughout the life of...
    IPCOM000244854D | 2016-Jan-22
  10. 70.
    IPCOM000244853D | 2016-Jan-22