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    A method defines a crowd sourcing based auto-photography setting mechansm as option to enhance predefined Auto-photographing Setting rules. The mechanism inlcude auto-photographing setting feedback daemon to collect social media feedback on a specified location or object.
    IPCOM000245325D | 2016-Feb-29
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    Disclosed is a method and apparatus to mitigate small scale laser interference from laser pointers.
    IPCOM000245324D | 2016-Feb-29
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    Disclosed a system that leverages wrist-wearable smart devices (i.e., smart wristbands) to non-invasively gather and benefit from motion data tracked during a user's usual trip to a brick-and-mortar store.
    IPCOM000245323D | 2016-Feb-29
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    Various systems that are power sensitive may require multiple power sources. Multiple power sources may be primary and secondary power grid connections, generators, battery backup systems and/or auxiliary power units. Common power sensitive systems include information technology, computer systems, server systems,...
    IPCOM000245322D | 2016-Feb-29
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    A crossing web applicaton browser extension to identfy all text propertes in current opened web editors. It will analyze user behavior to create text propertes preference. It also provides a method to apply text property into the clipboard before pastng. An intuitve graphic preview will simulate the outlook of...
    IPCOM000245321D | 2016-Feb-29
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    We present a method to semi-automatically derive the privacy policy of a given model. Our method takes into account existing constraints such as local law, best practices and the like. The derived policy can be used for further processing and the announcement of privacy policies to users.
    IPCOM000245320D | 2016-Feb-29
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    Instead of avoid receiving the pushed messages, our invention is to perform the recycle for the pushed messages and utlize them. Our invention could aggregate the pushed messages that relate to the context/content users are browsing. Users won't need to switch between applications. Users can invoke the aggregated...
    IPCOM000245319D | 2016-Feb-29
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    This paper discusses a Method of distributing the photos in real-time. By broadcasting photo request based on individual face data, photographers can instatntly distribute the group pictures to individual requestor right after the shot without involving any manually steps
    IPCOM000245318D | 2016-Feb-29
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    In many of the customer production environments, they usually use proportional fonts to show the multi language pure text report so as to resolve the problem of font display, such as "Unicode MS Arial". However, in terminal display, "Arial Unicode MS" is a proportional font, so that it will not display according...
    IPCOM000245317D | 2016-Feb-29
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    This document discloses a method of modifying modulation pattern of inverter semiconductor switches in such a way that communication between inverters can be achieved via power line. One inverter modifies its modulation from normal PWM, and this modification is recognized in another inverter by measuring the signal in...
    IPCOM000245316D | 2016-Feb-29