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Month of February 2016 - Page Number 10

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  1. 91.
    Downhole motors are used for directional drilling. Many design parameters such as AKO angle and stabilization type have documentation to show their effect on the build rate. However, weight on bit and its effect on the downhole geometry is often not considered. A 'Build Rate' vs 'Weight on Bit' chart, based on FEA...
    IPCOM000245221D | 2016-Feb-18
  2. 92.
    Disclosed is a system and method to enable accessibility when configuring a floorplan setup to enable micro-location technologies. The system and method use a floorplan image (raster or vector) and generate unique accessibility labels (e.g., aria-labels), which work with software for the visually impaired to enable a...
    IPCOM000245220D | 2016-Feb-18
  3. 93.
    This disclosure describes methods for liquefying a natural gas stream using at least one gas phase refrigerant. The refrigerant may be nitrogen, methane, a mixture thereof, or any other suitable refrigerant.
    IPCOM000245219D | 2016-Feb-18
  4. 94.
    The use of integral gear compression is particularly attractive for single mixed refrigerant plants since the process benefits greatly with the use of multiple intercoolers and these are easily accommodated using a single integral gear compressor.
    IPCOM000245218D | 2016-Feb-18
  5. 95.
    IPCOM000245217D | 2016-Feb-18
  6. 96.
    Electrically-conductive articles can be prepared and assembled into various electronic devices and used for example as touch screen displays. The electrically conductive articles are prepared from silver halide emulsions coated onto suitable transparent polymeric substrates. The silver halide emulsions are imagewise...
    IPCOM000245216D | 2016-Feb-18
  7. 97.
    Techniques are provided to allow an individual service function to reply to a packet by sending a new packet back to its sender without first learning the reverse path-identifier of the flow and the prior service functions in the path. Since the need to wait to learn a reverse path-identifier is removed, these...
    IPCOM000245215D | 2016-Feb-18
  8. 98.
    - Disclosed is a system and method for composing, categorizing multimedia content in mobile & other platforms, where in, it provides rich Television like viewing experience while watching/playing the media content. These contents can be loaded from the user personal libraries or can be downloaded from the...
    IPCOM000245214D | 2016-Feb-18
  9. 99.
    Given a compact representation (signature) that captures hangouts and movement patterns of each user distinctly, proposed system can predict the possible location(s) at which the user could be present at a given time, as well as the possible time in future at which the user could visit a given location(s).
    IPCOM000245213D | 2016-Feb-18
  10. 100.
    Given a compact representation (signature) that captures hangouts and movement patterns of each user distinctly, our proposed system can determine top-K users for a given user by using a novel Similarity model to compare spatio-temporal behavior. The system presents features such as pruning for rapid discovery,...
    IPCOM000245212D | 2016-Feb-18