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Month of February 2016 - Page Number 11

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  1. 101.
    IPCOM000245211D | 2016-Feb-18
  2. 102.
    Scan time during AEC acquisition on certain X-ray systems is adjusted to fit a target CNR. This leads to significant differences in scan time between fatty and dense breasts. User have complained that the scan time is too long for dense breasts.
    IPCOM000245210D | 2016-Feb-18
  3. 103.
    IPCOM000245209D | 2016-Feb-18
  4. 104.
    Disclosed is a system that helps in tracking a person, who does not have a tracking device, travelling is a vehicle. (To track a person, not having a tracking device (like GPS), a co-traveller’s tracking device information can be shared anonymously and associated with the location of the vehicle in which the...
    IPCOM000245208D | 2016-Feb-18
  5. 105.
    One of the common issues faced during software development is verification that the coding has been done that covered the requirements as specified in enhancement and new projects or that the while the issue for which a maintenance ticket was raised broke some other code while being fixed. This is typical in...
    IPCOM000245207D | 2016-Feb-18
  6. 106.
    Banks would like to estimate various financial indicators of a person in order to suggest their products to the person. However, they may not have all the data to estimate these parameters mainly because banks may not own the primary transaction account of their customer. This method would help banks to estimate...
    IPCOM000245206D | 2016-Feb-18
  7. 107.
    IPCOM000245205D | 2016-Feb-18
  8. 108.
    Methods implemented to improve request response ratio during customer interactions over chat communication. This solution would improve the productivity of a customer care executives while dealing with different customer at the same time.
    IPCOM000245204D | 2016-Feb-18
  9. 109.
    This paper will provide a novel method for verifying multi/fixed cycle instruction in sequencing – covering different kinds of flushes and instruction interactions. This method uses splitting the complex problem into phases by constructing internal equivalences (over time/conditional) and performing conditional...
    IPCOM000245203D | 2016-Feb-18
  10. 110.
    Disclosed is a system to manage the user authentication process more effectively and user friendly. Pattern based CAPTCHA is User authentication mechanism which is done just by drawing a line.
    IPCOM000245202D | 2016-Feb-18