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  1. 111.
    The internet access with the smart phone is nowadays very easy. All data is shared using social media, chats or clouds services with a single click or uploaded to a cloud storage almost automatically. These concepts have a lot of advantages for most people, but also some risk for a group of persons where sometimes...
    IPCOM000245201D | 2016-Feb-18
  2. 112.
    Abstract The proposed solution is an integrated and automated system which can analyze textual description fields of service management tickets, transform data by combining rows and columns based on the patterns, cleanse data by removing unwanted fields and phrases, extract keywords from relevant transformed but...
    IPCOM000245200D | 2016-Feb-18
  3. 113.
    There is proposed an intelligent method which will warn the user when microphone is not on mute and the user is not talking relevant in the context. This is heuristic method which would be running on the user telephone and would guide the user to mute the phone by giving a sound, or a led blink on the phone based...
    IPCOM000245199D | 2016-Feb-18
  4. 114.
    Disclosed is a method for improved concurrent Live Virtual Machine Movement across multiple systems. In an embodiment where multiple VMs share set of pages among themselves and needs to be migrated live to a one or more systems, this article prvoide a method to transfer the duplicated pages from the source...
    IPCOM000245198D | 2016-Feb-18
  5. 115.
    Disclosed is a method to provide automatic and context-specific content advising in MOOCs based on the engagement and intellectual level of the participants. Challenges associated are: i. How to automatically assess the level of engagement of the participants in MOOCs? ii. How to classify the participants...
    IPCOM000245197D | 2016-Feb-18
  6. 116.
    Disclosed is the system and method to automate the process to identify the terms or keywords from Contract language document and map with system defined terms and clauses. Each paragraph may contains terms and clauses. The terms in a paragraph gets mapped with best possible matched terms available in the system...
    IPCOM000245196D | 2016-Feb-18
  7. 117.
    Disclosed is a automated Pluggable client module to repair the database page or object level corruptions at accelerated speed from the backup image using metadata. The proposed recovery tool will look into the Meta data of the production database and compare it with Meta data in thelatest backup image and repair...
    IPCOM000245195D | 2016-Feb-18
  8. 118.
    Disclosed is an analytical system that determines that most preferred additional skill in the job market with respect to the job seekers primary skills. This system suggests job seekers about the required additional skills along with primary technical expertise in comparison to the job market.
    IPCOM000245194D | 2016-Feb-18
  9. 119.
    The article focus on finding and publishing the fastest route between two points by taking into consideration the real time and predicted data of traffic , weather , incident and traffic signals to generate accurate travel time on the road network .
    IPCOM000245189D | 2016-Feb-18
  10. 120.
    Method to quickly identify if frames/packets are corrupted during bus transaction (from driver to adapter transfer). The proposed method will use existing protocol header fields to achieve this. Using this method, when it identifies if the packet is corrupted the the host will halt the packet processing to...
    IPCOM000245188D | 2016-Feb-18