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  1. 131.
    Problem: Generally, PECVD and PEALD tool use aluminum for upper electrode and most of parts around the upper electrode. This causes abnormal discharge, resulting in a particle issue. Solution: Uses ceramic for parts between the upper electrode and gate valve mounted above the upper electrode.
    IPCOM000245176D | 2016-Feb-17
  2. 132.
    Impact Copolymer Polypropylene (ICP) has wide application in appliances, consumer products and rigid packaging, where gloss is one of the key criteria. However, due to the high requirement of stiffness impact balance, it is relatively difficult for these ICP's gloss to reach >85 and most commercialized ICPs have a...
    IPCOM000245175D | 2016-Feb-16
  3. 133.
    A system to provide quantum safe key distribution using a Trustworthy Read Once Memory Pair (TROMP) is described. A TROMP is similar to a USB drive, but with several novel security features to protect its large (gigabytes) random payload. The TROMP process protects that random payload beginning at the creation of...
    IPCOM000245174D | 2016-Feb-16
  4. 134.
    In any Power management system, LVDs (Low voltage detectors) and HVDs (High voltage detectors) are used to ensure desired supply is operational within specified operating range. Comparators play a key in LVD/HVD circuit designs so to ensure proper operation of LVD/HVD circuits, it is necessary to test them in...
    IPCOM000245173D | 2016-Feb-16
  5. 135.
    As the cmos process makes progress according to Moore's law, besides the gate length narrowing, the operating voltage also goes down. However, the main voltage of the product usually needs a higher voltage (from the battery) so sometimes we need to use a low voltage device to support a higher supply voltage. This...
    IPCOM000245172D | 2016-Feb-16
  6. 136.
    Level shifters find extensive use in modern day SOCs employing multiple power domains. Most available level-shifter architectures focus on power-efficiency, area-efficiency and high performance (speed). The most overlooked factor is jitter performance. Level-shifters used in IOs in the system clock paths have the...
    IPCOM000245171D | 2016-Feb-16
  7. 137.
    Instruction set simulation requires execution of one architecture (simulated or target machine) on another architecture (host machine). The two architectures may be the same or different. There are many techniques to develop instruction set simulators [1], [2], [3]. Software interpreters simulate in software the...
    IPCOM000245170D | 2016-Feb-16
  8. 138.
    A mechanism for providing temporary authorization to enterprise resources based on peer-concensus voting rather than relying solely on administrator privileges.
    IPCOM000245169D | 2016-Feb-16
  9. 139.
    A rail-to-rail output stage always limits the bias condition of a former stage. A not well biased former stage will degrade the offset of OTA. Some designs relaxed the bias condition of the former stage with the drawback of output resistance degradation, which decreases the overall DC gain. In this paper we present...
    IPCOM000245168D | 2016-Feb-16
  10. 140.
    SDN packet processing involves going through multiple flow tables, searching for a matching flow entry, executing each instruction and actions. These actions may include generic actions such as decrement TTL, set Ethernet source MAC, set Ethernet destination MAC, etc. There is overhead involved in executing each...
    IPCOM000245167D | 2016-Feb-16