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  1. 141.
    SDN supported switches can implement L2 forwarding and L3 forwarding functionality. When a SDN switch supports L3 forwarding or IP routing functionality, it should support generation of ICMP error messages. Some examples where ICMP error message generation is required include: Route-not-found, Host-not-found, TTL is...
    IPCOM000245166D | 2016-Feb-16
  2. 142.
    IPCOM000245165D | 2016-Feb-16
  3. 143.
    Flash chromatography is a form of liquid chromatography (LC), which is widely used for purification of low molecular weight organic compounds and products of organic synthetic reactions. In Flash chromatography, typically, the mobile phase is first admitted into a space above a bed of stationary phase, and then pushed...
    IPCOM000245164D | 2016-Feb-16
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a novel u-throttle system and method for limiting the sustained processor throughput. The u-throttle is a targeted method for delaying instructions in the issue window before sending the instructions to the execution units and allowing bursts of unlimited throughput for a specified number of cycles.
    IPCOM000245163D | 2016-Feb-16
  5. 145.
    This paper presents an efficient code generation technique that can be used in retargetable compilers environment. The technique is proposing the use of dynamic code generation based on the architecture model containing the instruction set description using semantic primitives. The technique consists in defining an...
    IPCOM000245161D | 2016-Feb-15
  6. 146.
    This paper describes a software method for handling the increasing number of preset breakpoints between successive debugging sessions of the same application using minimal hardware resources, thus maximizing hardware resources left for user. This method takes the advantage of using cache memories.
    IPCOM000245160D | 2016-Feb-15
  7. 147.
    Described are deo compositions applied as 1.) Skin care mousses/ foams by an aerosol with propellants for personal care and/or cosmetic use, 2.) Gel formulations applied by roll-on applicators, tubes (e.g.with sponge) or jars. These compositions comprise selected polymers which act as a thickener and/or solubilizing...
    IPCOM000245159D | 2016-Feb-15
  8. 148.
    When a plant variety is commercialized by a third party which appears to be an Essentially Derived Variety of an IP protected variety, one needs to show that the potentially infringing variety was indeed derived from the IP protected variety. In this paper the authors propose a method for introducing unique...
    IPCOM000245158D | 2016-Feb-15
  9. 149.
    Additional Cabin-Space for Cabin Systems: Cabin Operation below PAX floor level These ideas will create more space for cabin related purposes. Special storage systems shall be located under the PAX floor. The stored elements might be accessible directly from the cabin. Several proposals for these special storage...
    IPCOM000245157D | 2016-Feb-15
  10. 150.
    Disclosed is a virtual currency and bid-based system to promote cost-effectiveness and organizational efficiency when managing information technology projects. The solution is a free market mechanism and platform that enables project managers (PMs) to advertise open tasks with associated durations per the project...
    IPCOM000245156D | 2016-Feb-14