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    A typical approach to detecting a short circuit to power or ground on a solenoid fuel injector is to monitor the voltage drop across the MOSFET and compare to a maximum programmed threshold. The problem encountered with this approach is that this threshold is normally set high to accommodate the worst case RDSon of...
    IPCOM000245288D | 2016-Feb-25
  2. 32.
    La chaîne audio classiquement utilisée comporte un SoC fonctionnant de manière numérique et équipé d'une interface de type PCM. A ce SoC est associé un amplificateur audio analogique ainsi qu'un ou plusieurs Haut-Parleur(s). Dans les véhicules automobiles actuels il y est souvent adjoint un microphone analogique...
    IPCOM000245287D | 2016-Feb-25
  3. 33.
    Power supplies are needed for all electronic applications. In term of architecture, systems have various needs for low, medium or high current power supplies or a mix of this, all depending of the specific field of application of the system. Today, power supplies available on the market show only a buck controller...
    IPCOM000245286D | 2016-Feb-25
  4. 34.
    L'invention propose que le véhicule automobile embarque un matériel de base qui aura pour but d'envoyer les informations issues du véhicule vers un serveur internet (ou équivalent). Ledit véhicule automobile comprend également des moyens de réception et d'affichage de flux vidéo reçu du serveur internet. Le serveur...
    IPCOM000245285D | 2016-Feb-25
  5. 35.
    Relates to a Graphical User Interface (GUI) equipped on person support apparatuses. More specifically, but not exclusively, the disclosure relates to accessing specific features on a GUI home screen. Steve Hankins 415-901-8756
    IPCOM000245284D | 2016-Feb-25
  6. 36.
    Bei Luftfiltersystem mit seitlicher Entnahme (und Einbau) des Elementes erfolgt die Verspannung des Filterelementes und die Verpressung der Dichtung über ein im Gehäuse gelagerten axial beweglichen Dom, welcher die nötige Kraft auf den Elementrahmen/Dichtungsträger überträgt. Der Dom kann über eine Gewinde oder über...
    IPCOM000245283D | 2016-Feb-25
  7. 37.
    : In situ burning is one of the primary response options used for marine / estuarine / fresh water oil spill response. Fundamentally the process is quite simple. Oil slicks must be thick enough to burn. Once a thick oil slick is identified or made thick by booming or use of herding agents, an incendiary device is...
    IPCOM000245282D | 2016-Feb-25
  8. 38.
    This disclosure concerns improvements of a flange of a air-oil separator element, the flange being clamped between a vessel housing and a cover.
    IPCOM000245281D | 2016-Feb-25
  9. 39.
    Construction of offshore structures requires significant mass to ensure that they can withstand loads produced by wind and waves. Offshore structures in the Arctic require additional mass to resist loads produced by ice flows. The amount of metal and / or concrete required for offshore structures to resist wind /...
    IPCOM000245280D | 2016-Feb-25
  10. 40.
    Systems and methods for locking and unlocking the patient board vertical actuation mechanism in a detachable table for MRI machines are disclosed. The invention describes mechanical methods using linear brake, cam brake or wheel restraining to lock the scissor lift, thus relieving the constant loading of the hydraulic...
    IPCOM000245278D | 2016-Feb-25